4 Easy Ways to Make Fleshlights

What Exactly is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is a kind of sex toys for the male, mainly used for penis masturbation and massage. The masturbatory aid provides the male with an artificial and lifelike vagina, asshole, or mouth, thus men can thrust their erection into the warm and lubricated hole to enjoy the seemingly real fuck. It is very popular among male customers because of its practicability and duration, no matter single or not and teenager or the middle-aged. Why it is called “fleshlight”? It is composed of the inner sleeve and the plastic cover which houses the sleeve. The inner part is made of fleshlike material and the outer skin makes it the shape of the flashlight. Therefore, the word “fleshlight” vividly describes its features. No any other word can be more proper than “fleshlight”. 

Should I Use Sex Toys?

Fleshlight, as a kind of sex toys, is always not accepted by some people because they hold bias on the private and erotic items. They are not sure should they use it or not? Please remember that it is not the matter of “should I” or “shouldn’t I”, but the matter of “I want” or “I don’t want”. Since the existence of human beings, the penetrative sex is always an irresistible and beloved human need for people (well, it is not true of those who hold a certain religious belief and asexuality). Sex toys have a long history and it can date and back to 2000 years ago. However, people at that time don’t have advanced materials like silicone plastic in modern times. They usually use metal to produce rough toys. The great evolution might begin after the Industrial Revolution. When modern technologies promote the development of human material civilization, it brings benefits to “spiritual civilization”–much more exquisite manufacture of sex toys help people better pleasure themselves. 

Betty Dodson, a feminist, argued that masturbation was the key to women’s liberation because masturbation was the first stepping stone to sexual freedom. It is true of man. Even in the late 1800s and early 1900s, sex toys were advertised everywhere, disguised as other things. In modern times, people highly emphasize human rights and sexual freedom has got great progress, let alone sex toys and masturbation. Thus, do not feel shy and guilty to use sex toys. You have the right to pleasure your body and satisfy your natural needs. Besides, sex toys in modern times are made of safe and comfortable material, so just feel free to pick the one you like to enjoy it. 

How to Make Fleshlight?

Just buy it in-store or shop it online, various products to pick. However, if you don’t want to pay for it (cause some awesome fleshlights are quite expensive), or you don’t have one when you badly need it, try to make your own DIY fleshlight. Wonder how is a fleshlight made in a simple way? Let’s take a look at these 4 ways.

  • Sponge Fleshlight
  1. Stuff a Lay’s can or a cylindrical object with soft sponges. 
  2. Adjust the space for inserting your penis by adding or reducing sponges.
  3. Insert a latex glove and wrap the opening.
  4. Use a rubber band to fix the opening
  5. Lubricate the inner part and begin to slide your penis in and out.
  • Meat Fleshlight
  1. Stuff a cylindrical container with clean minced meat.
  2. Dig the shape of your erection.
  3. Wrap the opening with a condom to fix it. If you want to enjoy the touch with real meat, you can ignore the step, but it will be greasy.
  4. You can use lubricant or not because the minced meat has the function of lubrication somehow.
  • Cucumber Fleshlight
  1. Pick a cucumber and ensure that the size is proper for your penis.
  2. Dig out the cucumber flesh carefully to produce a cucumber tube, not broke the cucumber.
  3. Lubricate the cucumber tube although it is wet inside because it can’t guarantee enough lubrication. A condom is dispensable.
  • Ballons Fleshlight
  1. Put four ballons inside a bigger container, hanging the inflation holes outside. Make sure the container is big enough to contain four inflated balloons and the size should be like a bin bucket.
  2. Inflate four ballons and tie the opening of ballons. Then tape them onto the opening of the container, in a circle way. Remember to leave proper space for your penis in the middle of these four ballons. The tightness depends on how much air you inflate.
  3. Insert a latex glove in the middle with cuff upwards.
  4. Pull out the cuff to wrap the opening of the container, as well as these ballons.
  5. Fix it with a rubber band.
  6. Fully lubricate it and use it.

After these steps, you can get four DIY fleshlights. It is enjoyable to make it and use it. Please test the inside part of your fleshlights with your hands before you use them, in case of something sharp that might hurt your penis. Enough lubrication is necessary. Now, you can have a try to enjoy the pleasure of making and using your DIY fleshlights.