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LUB010 60 ML Water-based Silky Smooth Lubricant



Perfect Erotic Massage Oil for Couple!

❀ Activating pleasure is easier to reach orgasm.
❀ Strong silk design, slippery silk experience, moisturizing and nourishing.
❀ The new formula is closer to the fluid secretion of the woman’s body.
❀ Water soluble, free wash and easy to absorb.

Product Specifications:
❀ Size:60 ml
❀ Design:
Climax Lube Feel: Natural Plant Essence, Suitable For Sensitive Skin
Cooling Lube Feel: Easily Climax, Sex in Ice.
Warm Lube Feel: Strong Joy, Sex in Fire.
❀ Usage: For external use, take a few drops of this product and squeeze it on your finger, then apply it on vagina or other utensils.

❀ This product is for external use, it is strictly prohibited to take internally.

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