A Guidance to Sex Toys Materials

When purchasing a sex toy, one should focus on the material of the sex toy first because it will be used to touch the human body. Unsafe and unhealthy materials will harm people’s bodies. Do you usually mind the materials when you choose a sex toy for you? And how much do you know about the materials of sex toys you pick? Follow HiHiStop to know the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

On average, sex toys materials can be classified into two categories: porous and non-porous. Porous products are very soft. As long as they don’t contain ABS plastic, they can be called porous even if they use other plastic materials. These kinds of sex toys have disadvantages. For example, they can easily catch dirt and bacteria which can never be removed. If you use these toys without a condom, you will be infected with the dirt and bacteria and will harm your health. Non-porous sex toys materials do well in protecting the human body from dirt and bacteria. They are generally of higher quality, therefore, they are also more expensive. Most non-porous sex toys including glass, metal and specially treated wood are harder than porous sex toys. Therefore, they are also heavier than porous sex toys. You may be surprised to know that silicone is non-porous, too. If one wants to choose a soft sex toy but want to stay safe and clean, silicone materials such as silicone dildo will be a great choice.

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The categories of sex toys materials mainly include the following six types: phthalates, jelly sex toys, plastic sex toys, silicone sex toys, glass sex toys, and metal sex toys. The advantages and disadvantages of each type will be introduced in the following section.

  • Phthalates

    Phthalate is a kind of chemical material, which can make sex toys soft and bendy. It is toxic. Things like shower curtains or wallpaper all have some phthalates in them. Anything made of plastic that has some level of flexibility most likely has phthalates as well. It is really harmful to people’s health. It can even cause cancer. Therefore, when you choose sex toys, don’t forget to see whether they contain phthalate. Try to avoid purchasing sex toys containing phthalates. Besides, try to test at home by yourself. I recommend you two ways: 1) burn your sex toys. If it comes out thick dark smoke with a sharp odour. I’m sure it is harmful; 2) use PH test strips. High-quality sex toys’ PH value is 4-5.

  • Jelly

    Jelly is the cheapest material for sex toy. Also, it has a lot of phthalates, therefore, it is also harmful to people’s health. It uses rubber as a base and adds some phthalates to make the sex toys more flexible. Besides, the sex toys made of jelly can be shaped into different shapes and colors. However, sex toys made of jelly can have holes to trap dirt and bacterias into the human body. Therefore, consider before you want to purchase a jelly sex toy.

  • Silicone Sex Toys

    ou are getting a high-quality product if the sex toys you buy are made of silicone. Silicone sex toys are enough soft and flexible, odorless and tasteless. It makes the user have a more enjoyable touch and feel like a real human. It is non-porous, therefore, it cannot trap dirt and bacteria. Compared to plastic and glass sex toys, they have more soft touch. Also, they don’t like jelly sex toys, there are no holes in the materials. It means that no bacteria can build up on the toy, assuming you clean it well. What you should pay attention to is that try to use lubricants water-based.

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  • Plastic Sex Toys

    Plastic sex toys are also very cheap, but unlike jelly, they are much safer from the perspective of health. The sex toys made of plastic are hard and rigid, therefore, you are easy to clean them. You only need warm water and soap like you wash other plastic items. Plastic materials are easy to make vibrators because vibrators can transfer very well through rigid materials like plastic. PVC is a synthetic plastic, and in the past, PVC sex toys always contained phthalates, however, due to health and environmental safety concerns, non-phthalate PVC has been developed. But you should pay attention: although PVC can be non-toxic, it is still porous, therefore, you had better not put it into your body.

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  • Glass Sex Toys

    Glass sex toys are hard, smooth, heavy and also beautiful. It can be cleaned easily and cannot trap bacteria and dirt. Also, it is odorless and tasteless. With glass sex toys, you can warm it or cool it to play temperature sex. But do not make your sex toys too hot or cold. It will damage your fragile tissue. Unlike silicone sex toys, glass sex toys can use all kinds of lubricants without causing any long-term damage to your sex toy. This glass dildo is available all seasons because it can be heated in winter and cold in summer.

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  • Metal Sex Toys

    Like glass sex toys, metal sex toys are also hard, rigid and smooth. Therefore, metal sex toys are easy to be cleaned, too. And metal sex toys are usually heavier. Therefore, when you consider purchasing a sex toy made of metal, you should consider the weight factor. It may cause you to feel tired when you use it. Also, you can have a temperature play with the metal sex toys, warm or cool it, like glass sex toys.