A Simple Guide to Clitoris Stimulation

What Is Clitoris

When it comes to clitoris stimulation, you need to know clearly what clitoris is. The clitoris is a structure about the size of a pea located at the top of a woman’s vulva, above the urethral opening. The clitoris has three separate structures: the glans, the shaft, and the crura. It is actually nearly four inches in length, with a wishbone-like shape. What’s more, it is only partially visible to the naked eye as the majority of it is hidden from view within the female’s body. Packed with nerve endings, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman’s body. It has around 8,000 nerve endings and is the primary source of female sexual pleasure. In fact, the reality is that the majority of women need to have their clitoris touched to reach their climax.


The Role of the Clitoris in Sexual Pleasure

You’ve got to love the clitoris because its sole function is to bring a woman pleasure. When you have a clitoral orgasm, your body releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. When you don’t have enough oxytocin, you’ll feel stressed, which could cause a host of health problems, such as obesity, headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Besides, some women are unable to experience an orgasm from penetration alone. For those women, having the clitoris touched in a pleasurable manner may be the only way an orgasm is possible. The clitoris is the “key” to unlocking women’s pleasure possibilities. Clitoris stimulation will benefit those women.

Clitoral Stimulation Technique for Her

In terms of the clitoral stimulation technique, the more you know about it, the more options you’ll be able to achieve satisfaction. Different techniques can call forth different types of pleasure, and how you go about stimulating yourself is totally up to you. Here I’ll cover several clitoris stimulation techniques for the female to better sexual experiences and more orgasms.

  • How to Stimulate It with Your Hands

Stimulate your clitoris with your hands is the easiest technique. You only need to rub the side of your clitoris with one finger. Starting with very light pressure so that it feels like you are almost teasing yourself. Then as you start to become more and more aroused, increase the amount of pressure you use. You should be able to reach orgasm this way, but if not, then all you need to do is bring your finger closer to your clitoris, or even make direct contact with it for more intense stimulation. You can use either two or three fingers, or even your entire hand, which will provide more stimulation.

  • How to Stimulate It with Sex Toys

You can also experiment with sex toys, like a vibrator or dildo. Using a vibrator is not cheating. In fact, if you currently struggle to climax during sex, then a vibrator can help with that, even if you’ve never had an orgasm before. While various vibrators are specifically designed for sex, you can find the one that you can comfortably wear, and that stays in place during penetration without you needing to hold them. HiHiStop recommends the Rechargeable Motor Swing Vibrator as the best vibrator for clitoral action.

Rechargeable Motor Swing Vibrator

Clitoral Stimulation Technique for Him

Most men know that the clitoris is women’s most sensitive spot and it’s the only function is to give her sexual pleasure. But, sometimes men don’t really know how to stimulate the clitoris properly for his partner to have an orgasm. If you wonder about how to stimulate her clitoris with your mouth and penis, it’s time for you to read the following clitoral stimulation techniques to reach incredible clitoral stimulation.

  • How to Stimulate It with Your Mouth

For some women, the only way they can orgasm is when their partner goes down on them. Many women respond strongly to oral sex and feel that this is the only way they can orgasm with their partner. Whether you’re simply looking to get her excited or you want to show her the final destination, oral is a great technique. Your tongue is really your most treasured weapon for combating and conquering your girl’s clitoris. You must position your tongue on either the right or left side of her clitoris and move from side to side as though you were sweeping the floor. You can start with slow strokes and gradually increase speed.

How to Stimulate It with Your Mouth

  • How to Stimulate It with Your Penis

Using the shaft of the penis is one of the clitoral stimulation techniques, which can cause mind-blowing orgasms for her. It’s a nice treat for her if before you insert your penis into her vagina, you use your well-lubed shaft to gently rub up and down on her clitoris. This feels amazing if you are laying side-by-side facing each other, holding the tip of your penis in your hand to massage and rub her clitoris. She can also grab your penis and use it like she would a sex toy on her clitoris. When you’re touching a woman’s clitoris, think about what feels good to your penis.