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V587 Love Bunny Electric Shock Jump Eggs



Thrillingly precise and dreamily supple at surface level, the Light Up Orgasmic Love Bunny lends you (with or without a playmate) all the toe-curling stimulation desired, and mingled with a glowing, rainbow-hued light-show, this jelly coated egg makes use of a wonderfully powerful motor to transmit unforgettable pleasure in 12 breathtaking modes.

❀ 100% Secret Packing
❀ Perfect for female single-use, or couples
❀ High-quality material, waterproof, soft, smooth, comfortable touching.
❀ High grade waterproof, safe and easy to clean. Can be used in the bathroom.
❀ Ultra-silent, superior silent motor, modes vibrating, more powerful vibration.


❤ Function: USB charging

❤ 12 frequency strong vibration

❤ Material: Silicone environmentally friendly material, no odor

❤ Softer and better

❤ 1 copy of the instruction manual

❤ USB charging 1

❤ Folding box.

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