What is womanizer

The Womanizer is the first clitoral stimulator designed to help women achieve sexual pleasure in a short time. It is unlike other toys in that instead of vibration there’s a suction technique that doesn’t desensitize the clitoris after multiple uses and feels a bit like oral sex.
The Womanizer Premium is sensual, slender and ergonomically shaped. It fits perfectly in your palm and is easily maneuvered so you can concentrate solely on your pleasure. Gentle sucking and soft vibrations lead you to a new kind of orgasm you have never experienced before.
Thanks to the toy’s Smart Silence technology, your womanizer will only switch on when it contacts your skin. If you need to set it aside for a moment, it won’t make any surprise noises. Simply put, you can tune out and focus on yourself. The silicone heads sit neatly around your clitoris, and once switched on produce a gentle, fluttery kind of suction and vibration combo.

Why We Need Womanizer

It’s easy to use. Compared with some sex toys with complex functions, the womanizer is easy to use for beginners. Just turn it on and console yourself by putting the suction on your clitoris, enjoy sex every time you want.
The shape of it is lovely and friendly for using. Unlike dildos with similar shapes of the penis, the womanizer is more acceptable to girls who have the desire of sex but don’t have any sexual experience. Cute shapes are much more gentle and can help them explore sex with the less psychological burden.

It’s handy to take with the journey. Womanizer is small, conservative and waterproof, which means you can bring it to another place directly. You can take it out and have silence and relaxed sex after tiring day.

It’s easy to get orgasm. As womanizer is specially designed for getting an orgasm, women can get extreme pleasure brought by clitoris orgasm. No matter you are single or have a partner, it’s a great sex tool to help you enjoy the pleasure of sex.

How to Use a Womanizer

Before use, I recommend you apply a small amount of lubricant around the rim of the silicone head.
Spread the labia apart slightly to ensure the clitoris is exposed completely. Enclose the clitoris within the stimulation head, using light pressure to keep a tight seal. Discover new levels of orgasmic intensity, experience great pleasure and bliss you never try before.

Womanizer vs Vibrator

Some people may be confused about the differences between womanizer and vibrator. We can divide them into two types. For womanizer, you can use it on your clitoris and give it excitement without entering into vaginal. It’s usually called the clitoris orgasm. For vibrators, they are designed to put in women’s vaginal and bring pleasure by irritating vaginal and get orgasm. So if you are accustomed to clitoris orgasm, you can buy a womanizer and have a better sexual experience. If you tend to use the way of inserting, vibrators with different shapes may be your better choice. You can select both of them at HiHiStop.

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