What is an Animal Dildo

The animal dildo is a kind of fantasy dildo that resemble animals’ penises. If you have furry fetishes, then it is your perfect sex toy. The animal dildo is very realistic and you can find all kinds of animals you want, like the dog, bear, horse, dinosaur and wolf. It can offer users unique feelings and sensations because of its fancy and nonhuman shapes.

How to Choose the Best Animal Dildo

Before you shop the full range of animal dildos in HiHiStop, you’d better have a look at our suggestion. We hope this guide can help you save time in deciding what to buy.

  • Size and Shape. It should be noted that animal dildos are generally bigger than the average size. Some are up to 10-inch long and 1.7-inch wide. If you are a beginner, you’d better get more experiences before you try an animal dildo.
  • Material. Always choose body-safe materials, such as silicone. It is nonporous, easy to clean, super soft and all-around body safe. Besides, it is so silky that insertion can be easier. Others like PVC are also safe, non-toxic, non-allergic, odorless materials.
  • Suction Cup. If an animal dildo has a suction base, you can attach it to the bathroom wall or floor to enjoy hands-free fun.
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