What is a Dog Dildo

A dog dildo is a sex toy designed to imitate the appearance of the dog’s penis. Usually, dog dildos come in a very realistic design and even include a ‘bulbus glandis’ toward the base of the toy. The bulbus glandis, or the knot, is an erectile tissue structure that swells up and locks the male dog’s penis inside the female immediately before ejaculation.

How to Choose the Best Dog Dildo

Everyone needs at least one dog dildo in their sex toys collection, and hopefully you found a few interesting ones following these tips.

  • Material. You have 2 main options to choose from: glass and silicone. Glass is easy to clean and the temperature can be adjusted for varying stimulation while silicone feels more life-like and flexible.
  • Size. If you are looking for a lot of stimulation, then a longer and thicker about over 8 inches dog dildo will be much better than a smaller and narrower one. If you are new to the dildo, it may be better to get a smaller one.
  • Shape. The surface of the dog dildo will have blood vessels or threads, blood vessels like a real human erection and bring you a life-like enjoyment, while the threads can also bring your visual and experiencing the double enjoyment.
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