What is a Double Dildo

A double dildo is a kind of sex toy with two penis-shaped ends, penetrating two people at the same time. Compared to an average dildo, a double dildo is a bit longer and usually designed into V-or-U-shaped. One end of the dildo inserts into the female partner’s vagina while the other penetrates the partner’s vagina or anus. Therefore, it is very common among couples. Double dildos are made of various materials including latex, glass and silicone.

How to Choose the Best Double Dildo

Picking the right double dildo can only make your solo play more fun but also improve the quality and excitement of your sex with your partner.

  • Size and Shape. Beginners should start with a small size. If you share a double dildo with someone else, then chose a U shape or V shape. A long and firm dildo is good for deep penetration. But if it is too long, then you can’t grind on your partner.
  • Material. Using a double dildo with others requires one made from a firmer material like dense rubber or silicone, which will make penetration easier. As to double penetration, a double dildo made of flexible material such as TPR/TPE or soft silicone will be better.
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