What is a Glass Dildo

Glass dildos have been manufactured especially for the purpose of being internally used sex toys. They are made to be inserted into the human body for sexual pleasure. They are tough, resilient, shatterproof and solid. Glass dildos are beautiful objects and can even be used as ornamental features in the bedroom. In terms of appearance, glass dildo is the best for you if you are one who values aesthetics.

Benefits of Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are hypoallergenic, so they’re great if you are allergic to toys made from other materials like latex and rubber.
They’re also non-porous and made from a non-corroding material, easy to clean, can be heated or cooled according to your wishes, and compatible with all types of lube.
Glass dildos come in different sizes and shapes and look very beautiful and sparkling. Also, they are very cheap.

How to Use a Glass Dildo Safely

  • Lubricant required. You can apply any type of sexual lubricant on glass dildos as they are non-porous sex toys and made from a non-corroding material.
  • Condoms recommended. Using a condom on your dildo can protect you from re-infection if you have a sexually transmitted infection and also make clean-up much easier.
  • A laying down position is safe. The glass dildos can easily slip from your hands and hit your toes when standing up. Therefore, the best position is laying down.
  • General glass dildos are best for vaginal stimulation. Besides, glass anal dildos have a flared base, so you can also use them for anal stimulation. Make sure you thoroughly clean them before transferring from vaginal to anal play.
  • Clean it up. After using your glass dildo simply submerge it in warm, soapy water and wash thoroughly.

4 Types of Glass Dildos

  • Straight glass dildo. Straight glass dildo is best for you if you are new to dildo sex. It is also great to experiment and try out something new and can offer smooth and sleek penetration.
  • Curved glass dildo. A curved style glass dildo with a solid shaft can help you easily achieve g-spot and clitoris stimulation.
  • Twisted glass dildo. The twisted glass dildo has a twisted shaft that enlarges toward the top can sometimes produce intense orgasms.
  • Ribbed glass dildo. A ribbed glass dildo can bring women to a most pleasurable sensation for those who prefer to stimulate their vaginal walls.

    Choose the Right Size

    An average dildo has a diameter of approximately 1.5″ and a length of 7″.
    The large size glass dildo might be the best choice for those who have a sexual experience. People who have a previous sex life with sex toys might want to experience the biggest dildos in the world. They enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that is unparalleled!
    If you’re not sure what the right size is for you, stay with a medium-sized dildo.
    The small sized dildos are more suitable for people who buy dildos for the beginners, since the big one sometimes can be super difficult to insert, and even be painful and disappointing. And it is a cheap one to buy for the first time.
    If you’re ordering online, make sure you have a solid understanding of how dildos are being measured, which can help you to find one that’s best for you.

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