What is an Inflatable Dildo

An inflatable dildo works the same way as average dildos. Its biggest feature, however, designed to be pumped to the desired size once it is inserted. Therefore, an inflatable dildo can provide users the sensation of fullness. It also has a significant advantage. Users can enjoy a wider girth and the full-up feeling without inserting a huge dildo which may cause tearing and discomfort. There are many types designed for your different demands, including vibrating style, anal dildo-plug, extra-large style and G-spot inflatable dildo.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Dildo

As to the selection of the best inflatable dildo, there are many factors to be considered. Here are some suggestions from the team of HiHiStop.

  • Size. Find the right size according to your body limitation. As you pump inflatable dildo, it may increase up to 5-6 inches, 7-8 inches, 9-10 inches and 11 inches and even above. And the circumference may vary from 4-5 inches, 6-7 inches to 8-9 inches and above.
  • Material. If you want more silky and smooth feelings, then choose some soft materials like silicone, PVC, Latex and rubber. Others like dual-density Cyberskin, realistic feel material are also harmless to your body.
  • Shape. Choose a conventional shape for deep penetration. While curved design can stimulate your G-spot better.
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