What is a Realistic Dildo

A realistic dildo is often detailed with veins and balls, scrotum and so on. It is perfect for someone who wants a dildo that looks and feels like a real penis. They are made from real-feel materials that look and feel like real skin. The realistic dildos are the most common style. Simply out, the realistic dildo is the top-selling sex toy for women. When a lady is in the mood for solo sex, the realistic dildo is the ideal choice.

Three Types of Realistic Dildo Materials

Silicone usually makes the most realistic dildos, the most smooth to the touch and the most life-like dildos.
Rubber is a reasonable choice sometimes. If a dildo is made from cheap rubber or even plastic, then it just won’t feel real.
TPR/TPE is a common material for realistic dildos and they’re less expensive to buy. These dildos come in different colors, which are soft to the touch.
Silicone and rubber dildos are non-porous. Non-porous dildos are very practical, as they are easy to clean and won’t hide any bacteria inside. And if you decide to share your dildo, use a condom on it to keep everyone safe.

How to Use a Realistic Dildo

The following are 5 ways to use a realistic dildo.

  • Combine them with fantasies about getting fucked. The amazing thing is that your favorite TV series or drama can be easily put into practice with a realistic dildo.
  • Make your double-penetration dreams come true. Being penetrated both vaginally and anally at the same time.
  • Supplement the penis in your life. If one partner in a relationship struggles with erectile dysfunction or has a health issue that makes penetrative sex tricky in the short-term or long-term, bringing a dildo into the mix can help.
  • Switching up your gender expression, whether it’s to indulge in the roleplay with a partner or just to see how a different gender presentation feels.
  • With a realistic dildo, you can practice blowjob, such as deep-throating, hand-mouth coordination, and fancy tongue maneuvers. You’ll be extra prepared for the real oral sex.

How to Choose a Realistic Dildo

  • Figure out a shape. In terms of the shape, you need to take these things into consideration, do you want a G-spot stimulation or p-spot stimulation, and do you prefer the shaft to be curved or entirely straight?
  • Material concerns. The realistic dildos are mainly made from silicone, rubber, and TPR/TPE. Silicone realistic dildo is a good choice if you want a non-porous material. Rubber and TPR/TPE realistic dildo can’t be sterilized. Do not buy it if you plan to sterilize your dildo.
  • Pick a suitable size. An average dildo has a diameter of approximately 1.5″ and a length of 7″. The big size is a good choice for experienced ones. The small size is more suitable for people who buy dildos for the first time.
  • Take texture into consideration. Some dildos are very easy to insert even without much lubricant as they are totally smooth. Some are required to apply plenty of lubricant.
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