What is a Strapless Dildo

A strapless dildo is very similar to double dildos as both ends of them are made to can penetrate users at the same time. For lesbian couples, a strapless dildo can be used for mutual stimulation and penetration. The short end of a strapless dildo has a tapered tip and connects to the rest of the dildo with a narrow shaft. When the woman inserts the short end into the vagina, her G-spot will be stimulated and Kegel muscles will hold the dildo in place. Then she can penetrate her partner with the longer sticking-out end.

How to Choose the Best Strapless Dildo

A good strapless dildo can definitely add more fun to you and your partner’s sexual life. Read on and find out how to choose the right one.

  • Size. If you are worried about your Kegel muscles are too weak to hold a strapless dildo, then you can choose one with a bit bigger short end.
  • Material. The silicone is one of the most recommendable materials as it is silky and soft thus able to smooth the insertion. Hard materials like crystal are good for deep penetration.
  • Vibration. A strapless dildo with vibrating function can strongly stimulate both your G-spot and your partner’s body. You can also consider other special features like triple G-spot vibration for double penetration.
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