What is an Erotic Underwear

An Erotic Underwear is G-string thong for men to wear during the sex play. There is a pocket in the front pouch, and the strap adds an extra bit of fun and eroticism. Keeping men’s assets floating in a comfortable front pouch, this thong will help men look your best and biggest. It allows men to show off, enhancing masculine features and imbuing a sense of confidence for men.

How to Choose the Best Erotic Underwear

After the test of the team at HiHiStop, you’re supposed to take these aspects into consideration to choose the best one.

  • Material. Stretchy lace underwear is comfy to wear and shows the great curves of men which makes it an alluring garment for men during sex play. Some erotic underwear is made of cotton fabric which is also soft and comfortable.
  • Design. Ergonomically design blends the right mix of comfort and style into seductively erotic underwear.
  • Size. Choosing a proper size for you can make you look more erotic.
  • Thickness. A thinner one fails to cover your genitals; instead, it can hazily show your secret parts, which makes you more alluring.
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