Fleshlight Care and Maintenance

Cleaning up your sex toys is just as important as using them correctly. Using them correctly can make you enjoy the pleasure better. Cleaning up correctly can prevent you from getting diseases. Here we’re going to tell you how to care and maintain your fleshlight.

How Do You Know If You Have Fleshlight Mold?

Fleshlight is generally soft and skin-like color without intense smell. We mainly distinguish from smell and appearance. Appearance – if your fleshlight discolors, turning into white, green, black or gray spots, it may be mold, or it may be a chemical reaction caused by contacting with some chemicals. Smell – if your fleshlight has an intense smell, it may be contaminated by mold.

Why Do You Need to Care the Fleshlight?

  • Prevention of Cross-Contamination

Anal bacteria can survive in vitro for several days. Regular cleaning can reduce the risk of cross-contamination spreading of anal bacteria to the vagina of anal toys. This hygiene process is particularly important if you share your toys or use them both in the anal and vaginal areas.

  • Prevention of Pathogens

Some pathogens, such as hepatitis C, can survive for weeks in vitro. If toys are not cleaned properly between shared toys, sexually transmitted infections and diseases may spread. In short, cleaning toys regularly helps to minimize the risk of infection.

How to Take Care of Your Fleshlight?

Generally, sex toys are not cheap, so you need to treat them properly and use them as long as possible. Follow these tips every time you clean your fleshlight to ensure that you are protected and the material is not damaged. Every sex toy is different. Before washing, remember to see if there are any instructions. If there is no instruction, then follow our fleshlight caring tips.

1. Remove Sleeve from Case

A fleshlight usually consists of two parts: the inner tube and the outside hard case. You should first remove the inner tube and clean each part with warm and clean water.

2. Wash the Hard Case

If your toys are made of wood, ceramics, metal, silicone or ABS plastic, wash the case with soap and water. You can also use a 10% bleach for cleaning. Make sure you clean it thoroughly, for it collects most of the juices. Dry the outside with a clean tower, the inside with air.

3. Rinse the Sleeve

This is the most important and fragile part. If you decide to use soap to clean your toys, make sure you use a mild, odorless product.
The use of irritating soap and spices may increase the risk of irritation in your most sensitive areas. In some cases, these types of cleaners can also damage toys! Some people clean the fleshlight by turning inside out, which is wrong. Turning over the fleshlight can crack the entrance of the fleshlight.
The correct way is to slightly open the entrance, let the water through one entrance and comes out from another. Rinse for 30 seconds.

Some may ask if you should submerge the sleeve. If your fleshlight has cables or battery, do not immerse it in water unless it is waterproof. Anyway, no electronic sex toys can be safely submerged into water. Take care of both your electronic sex toys and your wallet.
Stainless steel and silicone are two materials that can safely do so. Some people even clean their toys in the dishwasher.

4. Stick Your Finger into the Sleeve

You can use your finger or soft brush to go into the sleeve. Knead the inner wall with your finger or soft brush. If you feel that there is no sticky feeling of juice, it is almost cleaned.

5. Spraying Disinfectant

Spray special toy disinfectant into the fleshlight and onto the outside. Keep still for about 5 minutes, so that the hidden mildew and bacteria can be killed. Again, wash the inside disinfectant from irritating your skin. Then dry the fleshlight with a dry towel and allow the air to dry the inside. Never consider using a hairdryer to dry your fleshlight. The high temperature will damage its material.

6. Using Fleshlight Renewing Powder

To keep the fleshlight soft and out of sticky, you need flesh renewing powder. After washing and drying, put the powder into and onto the fleshlight, rub it evenly. This can prevent any mold or mildew buildup. If you don’t have a special fleshlight renewing powder, you can also take cornstarch as a cheap substitute.

Fleshlight Maintenance

Before or after using, you’d better clean it for health. When you are using a fleshlight, it must be lubricated. Unlike the human body, the fleshlight does not produce lubricant. It can only be added manually. Use appropriate lubricant to make sure it won’t damage your fleshlight. If you are worried that the fleshlight is not dry and breeding bacteria, you can use a condom. It can be heated a little bit for more real experience. Just care don’t heat for a long time. Otherwise, it hurt your toy. It shall be placed in a cool and dry place. Free from direct sunlight. The environment shall be clean and placed separately from the toys of other materials. Please remove the battery if it does. Do not put the battery in the unused toys for a long time, otherwise the battery may exude corrosive liquid, which may lead to the corrosion of your toys. Keep away from children.