What is a Fleshlight

A fleshlight is a male masturbation device consisting of a hard case and a soft real-skin feel sleeve. The fleshlight’s texture is made of skin-like silicone composite. A fleshlight comes in a plastic case that resembles an over-sized flashlight. The outside part looks like an over-sized flashlight. The inside part is the tightest “flesh” that all men can’t help trying. Every user loves its design and also the knee-trembling pleasure it brings.

How to Use a Fleshlight Properly

  • Lube Your Fleshlight. Lube it with water-based lubricant.
  • Warm Your Fleshlight. You can get more realistic pleasure by warming your fleshlight with a fleshlight wand.
  • Use a Fleshlight Shower Mount. Fleshlight shower mount is a device designed for using a fleshlight during a shower with hands-free. This device can also be mounted on any dry, smooth surface.
  • Adjust Fleshlight Suction with the Rear Screw Cap. The small rear screw cap is designed to regulate the fleshlight suction. When the cap is screwed on, a vacuum is created that provides a suction effect during the backward movement. When the cap is completely screwed on, the suction effect is at its max. When the cap is removed, the fleshlight becomes very loose. Therefore, you can screw on to increase the suction effect or screw off the decrease in the suction effect.

How to Clean a Fleshlight

  • Cleaning your fleshlight is very important and needs patience. Few easy steps to clean your fleshlight:
    Wash the case with water and soap. The bottom suction cup needs particular attention since it collected your juices.
  • Rinse your fleshlight in warm water. Let the water run through the sleeve and come out from the other hole. Do this for 30 seconds.
  • Rinse the sleeve underwater again and use a finger to dislodge cum stuck to the sides. Some more textured sleeves need more effort because they have more crevices to hide cums and lubes.
  • Cover one entrance with your palm, fill the sleeve with water and then cover the other entrance with the other hand. Shake the sleeve for some time.
  • Flush out the water, and spay Fleshwash (Fleshlight’s official cleaner).

How to Make a Fleshlight

Just buy it in-store or shop it online, various products to pick. However, if you don’t want to pay for it (cause some awesome fleshlights are quite expensive), or you don’t have one when you badly need it, try homemade fleshlight and DIY fleshlight. They are “cheap fleshlights” but are best fleshlight for men in terms of use and convenience.

  • Sponge FleshlightStuff a Lay’s can or a cylindrical object with soft sponges.
    Adjust the space for inserting your penis by adding or reducing sponges.
    Insert a latex glove and wrap the opening.
    Use a rubber band to fix the opening
    Lubricate the inner part and begin to slide your penis in and out.
  • Meat FleshlightStuff a cylindrical container with clean minced meat.
    Dig the shape of your erection.
    Wrap the opening with a condom to fix it. If you want to enjoy the touch with real meat, you can ignore the step, but it will be greasy.
    You can use lubricant or not because the minced meat has the function of lubrication somehow.
  • Cucumber FleshlightPick a cucumber and ensure that the size is proper for your penis.
    Dig out the cucumber flesh carefully to produce a cucumber tube, not break the cucumber.
    Lubricate the cucumber tube although it is wet inside because it can’t guarantee enough lubrication. A condom is dispensable.

Type of Fleshlight

There’s a wide range of fleshlights to choose from, and your preference will determine what’s ideal and what’s not.

  • Anal fleshlight. Anal fleshilight is one of the most common types, designed to replicate the anal opening. The interior material is quite soft and human-like to give you a warm and realistic touch, while the exterior is made of a rather sturdy and grippy material to make handling easier.
  • Gay fleshlight. Gay fleshlight is designed to meet the needs of gay men who want to try anal sex to feel the tight feeling of ass. It is made of a soft, realistic material that not only looks but also feels like the real thing.
  • Alien fleshlight. Alien fleshlight is the greatest masturbator ever, which brings you unprecedented masculinity. If you are tired of old-style pocket pussy, just try alien fleshlight and discover the secret of alien’ thirst.
  • Thanos fleshlight. Thanos fleshlight is fist-shaped, which is intended to conjure images of Thanos’ gold-encased, meaty hand. It is naturally not true to size because human beings have limits.
  • Vibrating fleshlight. If you wish to add vibration to your fleshlight experience I recommend vibrating fleshlight. The vibrations will resonate through your fleshlight, and you’ll feel it through each bump and crest in the inner texture. The sensation you will get is turbulently pleasurable, which is perfect for travel.

Share Your Fleshlight with Others

One of the reasons for sharing the aircraft cup is that you may want to play for convenience. Maybe you are playing at a friend’s or family’s house and you are exactly at the point, then you guys just share the same fleshlight.
Sharing a fleshlight should not be completely banned, after all, it will also bring you a lot of fun and greater excitement. Do make sure you and your friend are free and clear from any STI’s or skin diseases.

Cleaning your fleshlight is the first thing you should do, whether or not the fleshlight you received has been cleaned, just in case, and you’d better clean it carefully. Remember you are the next one to use. Also please remember to wash your dick before and after use. When using, remember to add water-based lubricants and wear a condom to protect yourself.
All these hints are designed for minimizing the risk of your health while enjoying your happy hour. Therefore, if you want to continue to share fleshlight, don’t be lazy and guarantee your own security.

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