Guide to Arrange Your Sex Life

Sex life is a part of your life when you have a steady sexual relationship with your partner. And what is the frequency of your sex life? Maybe when you first date or get married to someone, you can have sex almost every day, even twice or three times a day. As time passes by, the frequency may be slower. But what is the suitable frequency of sex life for couples? Is it good to have sex every day? These facts concerning your health and sex life quality deserve your attention.

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The Advantages of Having Sex

Having sex is an activity that males and females enjoy together in their life. It usually happens during couples and valentines. We cannot deny that having sex is pleasant and makes people relaxed. Besides this, having sex also have another six advantages:

  1. Sex keeps you healthy
    Having sex can keep healthy not only for males but also for females. Having sex makes you sleep soon because soft touch and sex make your body release endorphins which can make couples sleep easily; Sex life can release pains and make your menstruation regular; It also delays your aging and makes you radiant; For males, having sex life can eliminate the low-quality sperm and increase your sperm quality.
  2. Sex is an exercise
    Having sex is a piston movement, therefore, sex is an exercise both for males and females. When you are having sex, you can burn the calories in your body and maybe it can make you lose weight.
  3. Sex keeps your marriage alive
    Having sex often can strengthen the bond of your marriage. Also, a survey found that a male’s sperm include zinc, calcium, and protein, which are beneficial to women’s health. In addition, Oxytocin which is released during orgasm, not only improves your mood but also makes you feel closer to your partner, especially in women. It’s not just sex, but touching or foreplay can also trigger a surge of oxytocin.Guide to Arrange Your Sex Life
  4. Sex makes people released and relaxed
    It is pleasant when you have sex, and you can forget all the stress and unhappy things. Also, making your partner reach the orgasm also makes you confident and powerful.
  5. Sex protects your prostate from cancer
    It is said that having a sex life regularly can protect your prostate from cancer.
  6. Sex protects you from heart attacks
    A survey, from Queen’s University, shows if a man has sex life three times a week, they can reduce the risk of heart diseases for half. It also shows that regular sex life can prevent half of the men from suffering from a stroke.

Is it Good to Have Sex Every Day?

According to a 2017 YouGov survey, only 4% of adults have sex at least once a day. 14% of them have sex a few times a week, 8% of once a week and 14% of a few times a month. But as regards the percentage of how often they would like to have sex, the results are higher. 13% of them want to have sex every day, 26% of the adults want to have sex a few times a week. When seeing this data, you may have the question to ask. What is the regular frequency of having sex? And Is it good to have sex every day?

I can’t say it is good or it is bad because the frequency of having sex depends on your physical quality and your age. Some young couples even have sex more than three times a night. They are young and energetic. For some older people, you’d better not do that, because having sex is tired, you know. I have sought a method to teach you how to arrange your sex life. Give you an example: if you are 25 years old now, multiply nine and ten-digit number of your age, then you will get 18. Ten represents the period of having sex, and eight are the times you have in this period. It means you should have sex eight times in ten days. Of course, it is not that correct, whether you can have sex or not depends on your bodies. But whatever, having sex when you want and have a desire to do so.

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On average, young couples aging from 20 to 30 years old can have sex 3 to 5 times a week. Couples from 31 to 40, your frequency of sex life can be 2 to 3 times. For couples from 41 to 50, try having sex once or twice a week, and for couples from 51 to 55, once or twice for two weeks is the suitable frequency of having sex.

Therefore, when you have sex, don’t only seek pleasure and excitement but forget your body. Under the prerequisite of your health, enjoy your sex life and also you can try different ways. You can purchase sex toys and enjoy exciting sex life.