How to Increase Stamina in Bed?

Everyone wants to be a better lover. For many people, especially men, increasing stamina in bed is on the wish list. The inability to provide a lasting sexual experience for their partner is a source of concern and stress. However, you can avoid popping too early by using the right techniques and lifestyle changes. This article helps you to increase your stamina in bed.

1. Masturbation

It’s a healthy and natural activity. Regular masturbation can not only keep you last longer, prevent premature ejaculation, but also relieve stress and anxiety.
Don’t masturbate just for ejaculation. Exercise your endurance while enjoying pleasure, and promote penis growth.

The more time you spend in masturbating, the more you know about yourself and the point when you’re over-excited. In this way, you know when to slow down and how to control your body when having sex. You need to know that frequency should not be too high.

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Both men and women can do it to increase their own stamina in bed.

If you have a penis, you can try to gyrate and thrust your hips to increase intensity. Enjoy your own fun with different strokes. Touch your penis with one hand and your testicles with the other. Stimulate the prostate for a higher enjoyment.

If you have a vagina, what you can do is to play with the clitoris, vagina, and anus. Watching and listening to pornographic content also helps. Stimulate your erogenous zones, such as nipples and thighs.

2. With the Help of Products

Delay Spray

Delay spray is one of the products that can help you orgasm longer. Delay sprays are local sprays designed to be used in the penis. It will not keep you free from feelings and become numb. It just turns down the stroke you feel in sexual life. You’ll still feel what’s going on down there, the only difference is that you’ll have more control over the ejaculatory reflex.
When you decide to buy a delay spray, you’d better choose products from reliable sources. Not all delay sprays are effective as you imagine.


Lubricant can increase the pleasure of sex life. Basically, it relieves dryness and pain; Sentimentally, it helps in increasing stamina.
Lubricant also has the functions of moisturizing, bacteriostasis and balancing PH.
Women’s private parts may also need to be lubricated from time to time. The underparts of young women are like sponges with water, while they are apt to be less and less when aging.
Using lubricants makes your sex smoother. Fewer frictions between the penis and vagina make you last longer in bed exercises.

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The fleshlight is a kind of sex toy for men. They are usually small, like coke cups, which imitate three channels of intercourse: vagina, mouth, and anus. The internal structure of the fleshlight is a high simulation of real women, even more complete and soft, so it offers almost real experience.

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There are some tips that make you last longer in bed:

  • Make sure the fleshlight is clean before using it. This is the beginning of all steps and also very important. Never ignore your health.
  • Start to pull and out your penis, and use the fleshlight to rub up and down to fully experience the pleasure brought by the female body.
  • Pay attention when you feel it has a complete erection. Because if you are too fast, you may lead to your orgasm in minutes. What you need at this time is to consciously calm down.
  • You should regard the whole process as real as possible to avoid premature ejaculation.
  • When you almost get to that point, just stop and get fleshlight out so that the feelings could die down.
  • When you repeat the whole process, you will find you have prolonged your time in bed. Congratulations.

3. Foreplay

Studies show that partners who have foreplay spend more time having sex than those skipping foreplay. Cuddle and touch each other before going straight into battle.
If you’re too excited in the foreplay, whatever she’s doing at the moment, stop her and focus all your attention on her.

Making love is a process, just like a movie. The cause is foreplay, which is the key to provoke the sexual desire of men and women. Also, it is a mitigation phase for the penis.
During this period, the penis turns to hard from soft. If you have sex immediately, it is easy to ejaculate.

Therefore, the penis needs to adapt to this state.
Flirting with each other with foreplay is a good foundation for intense sex.

4. Change Position

To try out different sexual positions is another great and simple way to increase your stamina in bed and stay away from premature ejaculation. Here’s a pose you should avoid.

No Missionary

Missionary position is the most common way of having sex. Most people are not necessarily right. This pose is also not good for you to prolong your stamina. Men are predominant in this way. They use muscles a lot to increase much friction of the penis and vagina so that sexual stimulation is so fast and strong. It is hard to control in this position. Don’t just think about sex all the time. Try other positions and care more about your partner.

5. Enhance Physical Strength

If you want to improve your sex time, you need to keep a strong body to tolerate more and last longer.
You need to consciously exercise your biceps, triceps, pectoral, abdominal, lower back, pelvic floor, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
Strong muscles help you do more in bed.

Stay away from alcohol. It can also decrease your sexual arousal.
Avoid sitting for a long time. It will raise the temperature of the testicles, which can lead to lower sperm quality.