How to Play Sex Dice

Do you want to more pleasant foreplay? Are you tired of role play? If you have nothing to try, why not try sex dice. They are small and portable with mysterious excitement. You can use it at any place you think you can.

The sex dice is a dice game that each face on the dice contains either the name of a body part or some activities. More dice will be more interesting. You can play dice in your bedroom or other places, no matter day or night. Let’s this Glow In Dark 24 Positions Sex Dice of HiHiStop as an example to show you how to play the sex dice.

This is a dark light dice made of acrylic material. There are four kinds of dice in the whole set. There are two 12 faces with sex positions, which are a total of 24 different sex positions, one 10 faces the name of body parts and one 6 faces with the actions.

Choose the number of dice

The first thing you need to think about is to choose how many dice you are going to play in the game. The number of dice does matter because every dice has its features and functions. These four can be combined in many ways. You can play with a 12 faces, a 10 faces, and a 6 faces. They can be rolled by one of you, or one of you just rolled them together. It’s up to you. Also, you can go to HiHiStop to choose different sex dices with your partner. You can use it with any number, or just crazy enough to use it as much as possible. You will get a lot of crazy combinations.

Follow Your Dice

The fun of this game is that you don’t know what you or your partner will roll on the dice. You don’t know what position will be next. Everything makes you feel mysterious and excited. No matter what appears on the dice, you have to follow the rule. For example, If your dice roll to suck, nipples, and cradle sex position, you must suck the nipples, and make the cradle sex position, too. You may lick the leg while doing cowboy. You have to blow the penis while doing the missionary. If you have more dice, you can add time and position. More mysterious challenges will create more possibilities.

Use Sex Dice to Inspire Your Creativity

Maybe you have many different ways of foreplay, maybe you don’t know how to do foreplay well. Anyway, through this sex dice game, you may have a new understanding of your previous foreplay.

Anyway, the sex dice bring us more than an exciting climax and mystery. Even if there may be some unhappy with you, it can be eased through this game. Just like any kind of entertainment activities, although the sex dice game is relatively hidden, maybe just in your home, you will enjoy a lot of fun.

Enjoy Your Sex Dice Game

It’s not surprising that there are a lot of laughs and strange moans at the same time. It may be awkward at first because there are some behaviors you have never imagined that you have to do. Gradually, you can enter into a state where laughs and moans coexist.

What we are doing now is not only to enjoy a better sex life between the two people but also to make you more harmonious and close together. No matter in any relationship, to make the relationship more harmonious and intimate, communication is essential, because everyone is such a different individual.

More communication makes more understanding and tolerance between each other. The sex dice game is an opportunity for more communication between lovers, so that you can know each other better and create more communication topics for you.

Through the sex dice game, you can know whether her favorite sex position is doggy or missionary, cradle or cowboy. You can know what is special about her, what she doesn’t like, and what strength and attitude you should have to treat her body parts. It’s the same for women to know about your men.

These sex dice are glow in dark. You only need to put it in the sun for five minutes, and the dice will glow all the time. This gives you more ways to play sex dice in your sex life. When you turn off the lights, you can’t see each other. You can only hear the sound and see the glow from the dice. It’s mysterious and interesting. If you are bold enough, any dark place is your paradise of communication.

If you go to HiHiStop, you can also find the resin sex dice with 24 positions and 60 actions, white acrylic sex dice. You mean you also need a dice cup, of course, you can find one at HiHiStop. Go to buy sex dice and enjoy your sex life with your partner.