How to Use a Fleshlight – 5 Steps to Get Business Done

How to Use a Fleshlight

The Fleshlight is the world’s biggest-selling male masturbation toy and over a hundred different Fleshlight designs and textures are available. This pleasure tool offers a variety of possibilities due to its expert design. Men, who have purchased a fleshlight: don’t know how to use a Fleshlight properly? You can learn how to use the Fleshlight and immerse yourself into the ultimate pleasure from this post. In this post, I’ll teach you how yo get your business done with the masturbator only through 5 steps. I will explain how you remove the sleeve and plastic tube, clean and warm it up, use it with lubricant, get down to business and clean it up.

Remove Sleeve and Plastic Tube

The Fleshlight is ideal for men who need travel-friendly sex and a standard Fleshlight has two pieces: the hard cylindrical case and the soft sleeve. Removing the sleeve is the first and essential step before getting down to business. You will notice a plastic tube after removing the sleeve if you are beginners who use the Fleshlight for the first time. This plastic tube protects the inside of the masturbator from sticking during production, storage, and transport. It must be removed before using it, otherwise, you can hurt yourself and it can simply be pulled out.

Clean Your Fleshlight and Warm it up

Although the soft material of the Fleshlight feels amazingly realistic, it lacks the warmth of body temperature. Therefore, the Fleshlight is especially fun when you adjust the temperature of the insert to the body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The easiest way to warm it up is with warm water: immerse the whole sleeve in a clean sink full of warm water for a few minutes. Make sure that the Fleshlight is completely covered with water during this time. And don’t microwave your Fleshlight, otherwise the toy will be destroyed.

Lube Your Fleshlight up

When your Fleshlight has reached the correct temperature, you can move to the next step. You should always using lubricants to experience a pleasurable experience and adding the correct lube can change the feel of your Fleshlight. Some quality lubricant will make the Fleshlight experience much more enjoyable. Because of the material used in making the sleeve, you should ensure that it is a water-based lubricant and cut down any risks of danger from silicone-based lubricants, which can also cause damage to the toys so make sure you check before buying.

Furthermore, depending on the intensity of the texture and your own sensitivity to it, you might find that a thicker or thinner bring totally different feelings. Thinner lubes will allow you to feel the intricacies of the ridges and bumps much more clearly. However, thicker lubes can help you last longer and prolong the experience. Therefore, it is very difficult to recommend a certain lube as everyone has different preferences. You can buy a good one easily online or at your local drugstore as there is plenty of high-quality water-based lubes available. It’s time to lube your fleshlight up after buying the one you want. Just put the bottle of lubricant on the inner channel of the masturbator and fill the channel with plenty of lubricants.

Methods to Use Your Fleshlight

Now that the toy is properly prepared, how to use the Fleshlight is up to you. Generally speaking, there are two options: stroking by hand & hands-free, that is to say, the Fleshlight can be used manually by hand and can also be used without touching. Nearly everybody uses their Fleshlight is to enter the sleeve and move the entire device along their penis by hand.

The main benefit of this method is that you have total control over the speed and angle at which the toy is used. What’s the complaint about this method from most users is that the size of some special designed Fleshlights is big and not always comfortable to hold it if used over an extended period of time. Once using it by hand becomes a bit dull, the next step is going without the hands touching the toy. There are several ways to achieve this, such as The Pillow Method, Shower Mount Method, The Launch Method and so on. Apart from these approaches, you can also use your Fleshlight hands-free with no special device, just a little imagination. The hands-free masturbation approach can create a much more realistic feeling because you can fuck your Fleshlight like a real pussy.

Cleaning Your Fleshlight up

You should be aware of every time you use your Fleshlight, lube or no lube, cum or no cum, you’re leaving skin cells, body oils, and some other things in it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean your Lovetoy after each and every use. The simplest way to clean a Fleshlight is to remove all of the caps from the toy as well as the sleeve and wash everything under warm water, making sure every nook and cranny is cleaned carefully. (NO SOAP! It will damage the silicone and creates micro-grooves inside the device) And then place it in a warm, dry place until it is entirely dry. (Do not place directly onto a hot surface such as a radiator)