How to Use a Fleshlight

Fleshlight is one of the most popular sex toys among men. It’s a portable, super discreet, sturdy masturbation device that is used by inserting the penis into its opening. Fleshlight is made of soft, realistic like skin material called Real Feel super skin nestled in a hard-plastic casing. It looks like a large flashlight that is why named as “Fleshlight”.

Using a Fleshlight will give you the pleasure of real sex and satisfy your sexual desire. It may be the most revolutionary sex toy for a male that can be found.

There are different designs and variations for you to choose from when you want to buy a Fleshlight for the first time. It’s not easy to get a suitable and affordable one. Maybe you can find your best Fleshlight at HiHiStop, a specialized website on the best affordable sex toys for men and women.

Besides, to better meet your needs, we will show you how to use a Fleshlight.

  • Clean and Warm Your Fleshlight
    To get started you need to clean and warm your fleshlight. You should remember that the soft fleshy material of the fleshlight feels amazingly realistic, but it lacks the warmth of real skin.
    FL848 Alien Mermaid Oral Male MasturbatorWarming it before using can make a huge difference to the feeling as you slide in, and make the whole thing a lot more realistic and enjoyable.First, unscrew the top of the plastic holder and take out the soft sleeve. Then you can simply rinse the sleeve with oil-free soap and mild water to make it warm and clean. You can also clean the sleeve with a nice thin cloth, dipped in warm water. No hot boiling water!The easiest way to clean and warm the sleeve is to place the whole sleeve in a clean sink full of warm water for a few minutes. Next, you can put the sleeve inside the plastic case and have some fun.
  • Lube Your Fleshlight
    Using lubrication will make your fleshlight experience much more pleasurable as well as reduce the risks of damaging the device.
    LUB787 220ML Water Soluble Lubrication Personal Lubricant OilJust keep in mind to use a water-based lubricant. Never use oil or silicone-based lube with your fleshlight, as it will damage the real-feel material.Take enough lubricant on your hand and the inner channel of the fleshlight, rub deep inside the fleshlight. After finishing, use the same hand to lube your penis as well. Then slide your penis into the fleshlight and slowly penetrate it.Of course, if you use too much lubricant, you may reduce sensation. It’s best to add less than you think you need, then add more if you need it.
  • Use Your Fleshlight
    How to use the fleshlight is up to you. In principle, there are two options. The fleshlight can be used manually by hand, it can also be used with your hands freely.
    Perhaps for most guys, the obvious way to use the fleshlight is to enter the sleeve and move the entire device along your penis by hand. If you are in a hurry and want to get over quickly, you can manually use the fleshlight to satisfy yourself. Hold the fleshlight with your hands and insert the penis. One of the advantages is that you can completely control the speed and angles as you use it. You can also make tiny adjustments as needed.FL619 Hands-Free Sucking Male Masturbating CupThere are also several ways to arrange your fleshlight that leave your hands free for other activities. If you would like to invest in your fleshlight, the easiest way to use your fleshlight hands freely is to purchase a specialized fleshlight hands-free equipment.There are also some DIY methods to use your Fleshlight hands freely. For example, insert the case into a pile of pillows, blankets or a rolled-up sleeping bag, secure with a strap or belt if required, and pound away.
  • Clean and Maintain Your Fleshlight
    After using your Fleshlight, it’s time to clean it up and keep in good condition so that you can use it next time.
    Here is a simple process to clean and maintain your Fleshlight.Just repeat your way as you first clean it. First, Remove all of the caps from the toy as well as the sleeve and wash everything with warm water thoroughly, make sure to wash every nook and cranny carefully. Then, pat dry with a clean towel and leave to air dry totally. Don’t leave your Fleshlight in direct sunlight or on any sort of heat source. You can dust the entire surface with powder until it’s completely dry. Store you Fleshlight in a cool, dark and dry place in a separate bag.After reading, it’s high time that you get your Fleshlight and make some preparations to have a more enjoyable experience.