How to Use Horse Dildos

Have you ever used horse dildos? With it, you will gain more sexual pleasure. But what is a horse dildo? It is a sex toy that has a unique shape and design. The head is flared and gives a thrilling pop sensation as you slide it into your vagina. More importantly, they are big, which means they will go deep. However, how to use horse dildos? I will share some tips with you.

Purchase a Horse Dildo

Before learning how to use horse dildos, purchasing one is the most important thing. You need to pay attention to sizes and materials when choosing the dildo. Compared with other dildos, horse dildo is bigger, but that doesn’t mean the bigger is the better. You need to choose a suitable one. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable. Most dildos are made of silicone and PVC. You must purchase one that doesn’t have phthalate. 9.6 Inch Realistic Horse Dildo is a good choice for you. If you are wondering about the feeling of having sex with horses, it is a must-have item. It is so thick and long that you can get an amazing vagina-stretching experience.

Make Yourself Relax

Relax is necessary when using a horse dildo because even the smallest distraction can stop you from reaching orgasm. A favorite descriptive paragraph in a steamy story, soft music, sexy images or videos for your eyes are all great ideas. Have a nice sexy massage if you have trouble relaxing. With sweet massage oil, your mood will be better.

Use Lubricant

Lubricant reduces friction between the dildo and your vagina. Using it is a way of getting you to orgasm easily. Just make sure you purchase one that works best for your body — water-based or silicone lubricants are great. Don’t use anything oily like vaseline, petroleum jelly, cooking oils, butter, hand creams or body lotion. Water Soluble Vaginal Magic Granular Lubricant is worth trying. It can improve the lubrication and elasticity of the vagina for rub or pain reduction.

Have a Little Mindful Meditation

Having a little mindful meditation for more pleasure when having sex with a horse dildo. When you want to reach orgasm but don’t have much time, it’s best to have a little mindful meditation and stick to it. The brain is our largest sex organ. So to be more excited, try to stay in the moment. Focusing your mind on the pleasure that you are experiencing will make orgasm stronger and bring it on faster.

Figure Out Your G-spot

The last step is figuring out your G-spot and works on it. Find it with your fingers if you don’t know where it is. Two fingers pushed in as far as they will go and then curled inwards slightly, so they are pressing forward. This area will feel slightly rougher and more spongy than anything else. Then use the dildo to push it, you’ll reach orgasm easily.

Have a try after reading this guide about how to use horse dildos. Enjoy yourself and have fun!