Instructions on How to Use a Fleshlight

The usage of a fleshlight seems to be evident to you when you receive it. It looks just like a pocket pussy in a plastic case that resembles a flashlight. The essential move that every guy known is plug penis in, and then do the piston movement. However, to achieve better sensation and make the best use of a fleshlight, guys will definitely need many helpful tips. Here we offer you instruction on how to best use a fleshlight.

Remove the Inner Plastic Rod before First Use

Some of the factory-new fleshlights arrive with a plastic rod in its sleeve. The plastic rod inserted in the sleeve designed to prevent the insert wall from sticking together during storage or transportation. You need to remove it before using otherwise it can hit against you. The rod can be easily pulled out. You can discard it if you don’t want it. But if you wish, you can also put it back in the sleeve after use. No evidence is found that the rod can improve anything or damage anything.
If you can’t find a plastic rod in your fleshlights, don’t worry. Some say that only 50% of the fleshlights are with a rod. So that’s quite normal.

Warm Your Fleshlight Before Using

Warm your fleshlight before using it is the most effective way to improve the sensation during the masturbation process. Obviously a fleshlight with boy temperature is way much better than that with cold room temperature. There are several different ways to heat up a fleshlight. You can learn them first and choose a way you like most:

Warm a fleshlight with hot water: Prepare about a half sink of hot water. Or just make sure the depth of hot water is enough to cover the whole sleeve. Then pull out the sleeve and soak it in the water for about 20 minutes. The fleshlight may float on the water. You need to keep it submerging. You can just grab something heavy enough and put it onto the fleshlight. 20 minutes after, you will get a fleshlight with body temperature and is as real as a pussy!

Use a fleshlight warming wand: Fleshlight warming wand is a fleshlight accessory that can be easily purchased online or in-store. How to use a fleshlight warmer? Here is the introduction:
This device consists of a pole and a stand that heats up the pole. To heat up your fleshlight, you need to connect the warmer to a source of power and insert the pole in the fleshlight. When the light turns green, it means the device is heating up. Then wait until the light goes out which indicates the device has stopped heating and the fleshlight is ready for use.

Use a Fleshlight with Water-based Lube

Without lubricant you will have difficulty penetrating the fleshlight, and the sensation is not very enjoyable. Lubricant can make easy for you the plugin, and eliminate the uncomfortableness of penetrating a dry canal. What’s more, it also can make the canal feels like a real vagina, wet and slippery. You definitely need lubricant when using a fleshlight.

Do remember that you can only use a water-based lubricant for your fleshlight because both oil-based and silicone-based lubricants can damage the material of your fleshlight. In terms of gliding properties, a water-based lubricant is not worse than oil-based and silicone-based lubricants.

Adjust Fleshlight Suction with the Rear Screw Cap

The small rear screw cap is designed to regulate the fleshlight suction. When the cap is screwed on, a vacuum is created that provides a suction effect during the backward movement. When the cap is completely screwed on, the suction effect is at its max. When the cap is removed, the fleshlight becomes very loose. Therefore, you can screw on to increase the suction effect or screw off the decrease in the suction effect.

Hands Free Fleshlight

Using a fleshlight with hands-free is more enjoyable. It makes you feel like having a real partner, and fucking a real pussy. How to use a fleshlight with hands free? There are many ways?
The easiest way is to wedge the fleshlight between firm pillows, couch cushions or mattresses. Or just be creative to find out other ways that might be better.
Or you can buy professional fleshlight shower mounts. Fleshlight shower mount is a device designed specially to hold the fleshlight on the wall.

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Clean Your Fleshlight

Cleaning your fleshlight is very important and needs your patience. Or the next time you would throw it in the garbage. Few easy steps to clean your fleshlight:
1. Wash the case with water and soap. The bottom suction cup needs particular attention since it collected your juices.
2. Rinse your fleshlight in warm water. Let water run through the sleeve and come out from the other hole. Do this for 30 seconds.
3. Rinse the sleeve underwater again and use a finger to dislodge cum stuck to the sides. Some more textured sleeves need more effort because they have more crevices to hide cums and lubes.
4.  Cover one entrance with your palm, fill the sleeve with water and then cover the other entrance with the other hand. Shake the sleeve for some time.
5.  Flush out the water, and spay Fleshwash (Fleshlight’s official cleaner).