What is a Kegel Ball

Kegel muscle is the muscle distributed along the bottom of the pelvis, also known as the pubic coccyx. As it turns out, it is something you hold tightly when you try to hold on during sports. This squeeze movement is also the basis of all Kegel exercises, which rely on repeated contractions and releases to become stronger.

Kegel ball is a tool you can use to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. I can even go a step further and call them sex toys because their effects can include a lot of bumpy orgasm sensations.

In addition to the medical benefits, Kegel exercises also have a great impact on your sex life. You may notice that when doing exercises, the movements and contractions during orgasm are very similar. Stronger pubic coccyx muscles promote stronger contractions, increasing the likelihood of orgasm. Strengthening your Kegel muscles can also help you better control orgasm and ejaculation.

How to Use Kegel Ball

Lighter and larger Kegel balls are easier to get started for beginners. Put the balls in your vagina and hold them as long as possible. It may be easier for newbies to lie on their backs and take the exercises.

If there is a rope on the ball, you can pull them straight out, just like a tampon. If don’t have a rope, you can insert your fingers into the bottom of the pelvis and do a gentle sweep. Once they went in, squeeze the balls as hard as you can. When you push gently, grab the ball and pull it out.

If you want to increase your sensitivity during vaginal sex, Kegel balls can help you and your partner heat things up for it can strengthen the muscles of the vagina.

Kegel Ball for Beginners

First of all, find the right weight that seems to be challenging, and hold it for at least two minutes to try if it’s fit for you in the beginning. In addition, please use lube. Water-based lubricants can help kegel balls enhance your comfort and feel.

It is recommended that you can use it for 15-30 minutes every day. If you can hold the ball for more than 30 minutes, then maybe it’s time for you to add weight. Usually, kegel balls supply different weight settings for you to adjust the intensity of exercise. Read detailed instructions provided when you make purchase.

Kegel exercise is a valuable preventative method that can be put in your back pocket in case you need it. 100 Kegel exercises in just 15 minutes per day are suggested for your daily routine. You can start while bathing, running, or doing some housework. The sooner you start, the sooner you will feel the benefits of kegel balls.

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