What is a Male Masturbator

A male masturbator, also known as the male stoker, is a soft relief channel inserted into a hard shell. For connoisseurs of aesthetics, the outer part of the sleeves is decorated with the imitation of the labia, mouth or anus. They are inexpensive and easy to use so to be the first sex toy for men. The textures come to stimulate and tease the nerve endings of the male penis and give a better than a hand feel. Male masturbators have various types and functions, like sleeve stroker, fleshlight, and realistic pussy masturbator.

How to Choose a Male Masturbator: 8 Things to Look For

  1. The Materials
    Search for something that’s extremely soft and skin-like if possible. Make sure the toy’s materials are compatible with you and/or your partner’s skin type as well as with the kind of personal lubricant you intend to use. See our Lube’s Guide for more information.
  2. The Canal Dimensions
    All canals not only vary in length and tightness but they also vary in thickness as well. Make sure the toy has the kind of canal dimensions and/or texture that you need for a fully satisfying experience, even if that means using a different product altogether or simply choosing one with interchangeable sleeves.
  3. The Casing Dimensions
    Your toy’s outer casing is good for more than just holding the device together. It actually functions as a handle and remote control in many cases. Therefore, the size and shape (AKA: Dimensions) of the device are extremely important yet often overlooked. Find one that fits snugly in the palm of your hand (if handheld) or choose one that features dimensions that are conducive to hands-free play.
  4. The Ergonomics
    The toy’s casing and canal size are both important, but the ergonomics of each device are also crucial. Good toys will also feature curvy, anatomically correct shapes and sizes regardless of their manual or automatic functionality. No matter what kind of toy you end up choosing, always make sure it has been designed with the user’s mobility and motility in mind or else your experience may suffer.
  5. The Features
    You’ll want to know what all the device can do, plus it helps to understand how each of the features works in tandem with one another or a compatible sex toy. Moreover, neglecting to examine the features may leave you with a device that’s virtually worthless for the type of sexual experiences you desire.
  6. The Compatibility
    Some of today’s best male masturbators are compatible with other sex toys, whether designed for males or females. In addition, a few cross-over toys have been introduced to the market in the last couple of years, leaving the average consumer with a more user-friendly platform that promotes interaction between partners and porn stars despite brand affiliation. Look for something that’s made by a manufacturer who works well with others for optimal results and ultimate orgasms.
  7. The Design
    Look for models that feature convenient things like non-slip gripper pads, emergency on/off switches, mounts for smart devices, well-placed handles, and simple integration components for compatible toys. Remember the features, however awesome, need to come together to make a well-rounded product or else they’re just a collection of otherwise useless functions and settings. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to make sure your toy is either attractive, discreet or both unless you want the entire world to know you beat your meat with a machine.
  8. The Cost
    Self-pleasure with a high-tech masturbation machine is a privilege, it’s not a right. That means you’ll most likely need to view this purchase as an investment in your sexual health and wellbeing, instead of viewing it like an unnecessary and expensive luxury. Just remember that the initial price of the toy is not a good representation of what you’ll pay in the end. Always factor in things like cleaning supplies, lubrication, accessories and other supplies to get a better idea of what owning one of these things will cost.

Automatic Male Masturbator
The automatic masturbator is the most popular type. Men just need to put the cock inside and press the button. A soft inner sleeve tightly wraps around your flesh and several modes of vibration can help users achieve orgasm more easily.
Hands-Free Male Masturbator
Do you ever feel like jacking it but your hands are just too tired to want to do anything? Well, now you can have an auto stroker machine do all the hard work for you. Technology and hands-free sex toys have come a long way in recent years. Vibrating hands-free male masturbators allow you to amazing hands-free male orgasms in all different parts of your house, in the bathroom, kitchen counter and anywhere you wanna try.

How to Make Homemade Male Masturbator

Prepare materials. You just need to prepare a vaseline, a glove, a soft towel, and at least 6 rubber bands.
Moisten the towel slightly and microwave it. After it has cooled down enough, folding the towel two times and then put it on a desk. Place the entrance of the glove is above one inch where the towel starts.
Wrap the towel firmly on the gloves. Make sure that the glove still sticks out from the top of the towel.
Fold the opening of the glove over the edge of the towel and fix it with the rubber band.
Lube it up. Put a large amount of vaseline inside your low-end glove sleeve.

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