What is a Male Vibrator

A male vibrator is the handheld masturbator that stimulates the penis, anus and other erogenous zones of men through a variety of vibrations. The rotary motors allow male vibrators to vibrate and stimulate men’s penis and G-spot. It includes cock rings and anal massagers, and different vibrators possess various vibration frequencies.

How to Choose the Best Male Vibrators

According to the test of our team, taking these aspects into consideration can help you choose the best.

  • Material. Male vibrators are often made of silicone, which gives you the premium soft feeling. Medical-grade silicone has no harm to your body.
  • Vibration mode. Vibration function can offer an entirely hands-free stimulation. One vibration mode only gives you the monotone experience. A variety of vibration modes allows you to adjust the power and speed of vibration, so you can intensify the stimulation as you like.
  • Waterproof. The waterproof characteristic provides convenience to clean. A waterproof one can be used in any place such as bathrooms.
  • Charge. Some male vibrators can be chargeable, and others are battery-operated. The rechargeable mode is more convenient for you to charge.
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