What is a Penis Vibrator

Penis Vibrators are a kind of male masturbator that is meant to stimulate male genitals. It goes around most of the penis when men use it. This male masturbator has a motor in them, so they can vibrate. By vibrating deeply, these toys shake your shaft all the way to your core and stimulate your prostate. Penis Vibrators make orgasms more intense without having to go through the anal route to prostate orgasms.

How to Choose the Best Penis Vibrators

After the test of the team at HiHistop, we suggest you focus on the following aspects of them to choose the best one.

  • Vibration. Penis Vibrators differ from various vibration modes. A variety of vibration modes allows you to adjust the intensity of vibration, so you can switch among different modes as you like.
  • Material. As it closely contacts your penis, soft and skin-friendly material can bring you more comforts. Silicone penis vibrators should be considered first.
  • Multifunction. Some vibrators have more than one spot to stimulate at the same time. Double vibrators cause double stimulation.
  • Charge. There are two types of charging: USB charging and battery charging. The USB charging is fast and convenient since you don’t need to replace lithium batteries.
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