What is a Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve is a cylindrical device that is placed on the shaft of the penis, with the aim of increasing stimulation for the person being penetrated. They often have soft bumps intended to provide further stimulation. A penis sleeve is like a thick condom which is full of bumps.

How to Choose the Best Penis Sleeves

The team at HiHiStop advises you to consider the following characters when purchasing your penis sleeves.

  • Size. The appropriate size is important if you decide to buy a penis sleeve. Usually, the sleeve is between 4.9 and 5.1 inches (12.45 – 12.95 cm) in length. And its diameter is 1.4 inches to 1.7 inches (3.56 – 4.32 cm).
  • Material. Most penis sleeves are made of silicone or TPE because these materials are soft and can be extended. Some are made of VixSkin material with silicone lubricant, which means you don’t need to use lube.
  • Thread. There are all kinds of threads. Horizontal threads and inclined threads are two common threads. Also, some sleeves’ surfaces are full of bumps instead of threads.
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