What Are Anal Beads

Anal beads are sex toys made of multiple spheres or balls. Composed of several smooth beads on a string or flexible rod, they are meant to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings surrounding the anus. It can give you erotic pleasure by inserting it into your anus. Unlike the butt plug offers the fulfillment for a butt, anal beads could intensify the feeling of insertion. Inserting and removing these beads into and out of the anus repeatedly, you can receive more stimulation. Some anal beads are multi-functional as they can also be used as Kegal balls to tighten vaginal muscles.

Why Use Anal Beads

There is a high concentration of nerve endings inside and around the anus, which, if done properly, can bring intense sexual pleasure by using anal beads. This kind of sexual pleasure can be conveyed via the pudendal nerve of the external sphincter to the dorsal nerve of the clitoris in women and to the penis in men. This is why anal beads can improve many people’s libido and pleasure in intimate play.
How To Use Anal Beads for Anal Sex

  • For men
    Anal beads can directly stimulate their prostate so that they will have the desire of ejaculation. The act of massaging the prostate until fluid comes out is called “milking”. Using anal beads while stroking the penis meanwhile can make man obtain a higher level of pleasure.
  • For women
    The most normal way for women is to insert slowly. Remember to take a rest each time when the bead goes through the anal narrow sphincter. With the size growing in each ball, beads will fully stretch the anus as they reach the maximum size. Repeat the process of moving beads inside and outside can enhance the simulation of real anal sex.
  • Notice
    You should get complete lubrication before using anal beads. The anus is less lubricated than the vagina and able to absorb water so re-application is pretty necessary. Cleaning before and after sex is also required.

Types of Anal Beads

  • Silicone anal beads. Soft and smooth. It is a good choice for people who first use anal beads. As it has a smooth and firm texture, which enhances physical sensation.
  • PVC anal beads. Allows you to concentrate on the pleasures and not on any chaffing or discomfort. Silicone beads are smooth and soft which promote you exceptional comfort, and easily cleaning up is also its advantage.
  • Glass anal beads. Tough and cold. If you are not a fan of such feelings, then you’d better think twice before you get one.
  • Short inch. The most classic style usually has three or four bumps, which is only around 5 inches in length.
  • Long inch. Some styles can be up to 20-inch-long. That will be a wonderful experience you never had before.
  • Spiral design. If you are planning to do some anal-stretching training, then XXL anal beads are the must-have thing. You should choose the one with spiral design so that it is easy to insert.
  • Vibrating design. Simple anal beads are non-vibrating, but now there are vibrating designs which can give your anus powerful and exciting stimulation.

Where to Buy Anal Beads?

There are many stores to buy anal beads. But the method that I recommend the most is buying online. Online shopping has lots of advantages. Many websites offer discreet shipping, so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. Besides, online stores have more types and styles than physical stores. If you are too shy to pick your toys in-store, then get your anal beads from online website! HiHistop specializes in offering professional and diverse sex toys including anal beads.

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