What is a Cage Bra

A cage bra is a bondage toy used on the submissive’s breast. It is typically used as part of a BDSM scene. Usually, it consists of straps and chains. It is often made of leather and padded with soft leather or fake fur for comfort. A cage bra also has a buckle, so you can adjust it.

How to Choose the Best Cage Bras

You can get your own cage bras following these tips.

  • Material. The cage bra is often made of leather or metal chain. Both of them are used on some bras, too. Like your belt, leather bras are black and you can adjust it with the hole on the strap. Bras that are made of chain look shiny and feel cold.
  • Weight. There is no doubt that the leather bra is lighter than the chain-made cage bra. It’s better to choose a leather one if you are a beginner because it’ll make you more comfortable.
  • Style. Some bras have necklaces while some have pants. You can purchase a bra with a necklace if you like this decoration. The bra with pants is a good choice for those who like suits.
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