What Are Floggers & Whips

A flogger & whip is a sexual device with a handle and multiple strands. It can be used on the buttocks, thighs, upper back and breasts, usually during a BDSM scene. When a flogger & whip lands hard against your skin, you’ll feel a strong thudding sensation. When flogging someone, the flogger & whip should start out slowly and softly.

How to Choose the Best Floggers & Whips

It is very important for you to know the basic information of a flogger & whip. These three things can help you choose the perfect flogger & whip for you!

  • Choose the right length. The length of your flogger & whip should be no longer than your arm in order to avoid hurting your partner. The mini flogger & whip might be the best choice for the beginners.
  • Choose the right materials. The more firm material is, the more intense the sensation it can provide. The lighter a flogger & whip is, the more stingy and painful the flogger & whip can feel.
  • Numbers of the strands. The flogger & whip with few strands can provide a sharp pleasurable sensation of punishment.
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