What is BDSM Hood & Muzzle

A hood & muzzle is a BDSM gear used to cover the head of the submissive. Typically, a BDSM hood & muzzle is used to deprive the submissive’s senses, making him or her feel more vulnerable. Meanwhile, it also let them put their imaginary space and full attention to the sex scene. Generally speaking, they are used in sexual bondage and BDSM role-play. Some people derive erotic pleasure from a BDSM hood & muzzle because the wearer’s sense of helplessness and anxiety may arouse their sexual desire.

BDSM Hoods can be a big step in bondage masks. They are transformative in terms of look and are great at turning one into a sexy slave! Horse hood is perfect for the sex slave games, which can meet the secretive sexiness in fetish needs.

The BDSM hood & muzzle don’t only have to be used by the submissive, the dominant can also wear one. Wearing a hood or muzzle allows the submissive to let go of their everyday personality and become a new carnal character under the mask. Accompanying role-play is the bonus of heightened sensory stimulation.

Material of Hoods & Muzzles

BDSM hood is a common piece in BDSM items. A hood can be made of leather, latex, cotton, or spandex. The different materials result in varied levels of sensory deprivation.

  • PU Hood. PU material is a stretchy fabric with a silky shine. It is a synthetic leather with a simulated leather texture. For most people, it is a cost-effective product. Although it also has some toughness, it is softer than real leather.
  • Leather Hood. Leather hoods and full-faced BDSM hoods are perfect for practicing head bondage and will deprive the object of your bondage desires. If you want to control every aspect of your submissive, leather hoods are the best choice. One thing you have to notice is that leather cannot fit as tightly as the other materials because it’s not being stretchy.
  • Cloth Hood. This type of material is very soft and has great elasticity without putting too much pressure on your senses. With this hood, you can feel more comfortable than a more restrictive leather hood (for your eyes or mouth) , and it also provides more sensory deprivation than a hood with holes.
  • Rubber Hood. Rubber hood is perfect for sensory deprivation in the BDSM scene. It has soft and stretchy neoprene, so it feels great to set the mood. In fact, rubber hood can be used in many scenes, not only in BDSM play, but also in role-playing parties or festival games. Get one rubber hood to turn your partner into a helpless slave or a well-behaved puppy!

Above are a couple great materials of hood & muzzle to start your journey into vision deprivation. Just remember that you must use them with someone you trust. Also, it’s advised that beginners should start out with less confining masks to begin with. Communication is also quite essential and necessary! It’s vital to distinguish between when your partner is role-playing pleasurable discomfort or experiencing actual discomfort.

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