What Are Mouth Gags

The mouth gag is a device used in sexual bondage and BDSM roleplay. Mouth gags are placed between the upper and the lower jaw. Using a gag in the mouth might be difficult, but it really brings a lot of fun. Some people love the feeling of not being able to speak, however, other people simply appreciate the sexy look of their partner being gagged.

How to Choose the Best Mouth Gags

Choosing a mouth gag can seem very important. Following these tips can help you pick the right mouth gag.

  • Gag size. The diameter of mouth gags is small might be better for you when choosing the first tag. A too-small gag won’t do any harm, and a too-large gag may hurt your jaw.
  • Think about Materials. The mouth gag is something that sticks in your mouth, so choosing a good material is very important. Silicone is always the best choice for the mouth tag. Make sure that you thoroughly wash your new mouth tag before using it for the first time.
  • Special features. Some mouth gags with breathing holes, which address that concern with gags with built-in breathing holes. Make sure thoroughly clean the gag before the first use.
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