What is a Nipple Pump

A Nipple pump is also called a sucker or vacuum. It acts like a little mouth on the nipples and latches on to them, gently increasing the blood flow with their strong suction. When nipple pumps are used for a few minutes at a time, the increased blood flow to the nipple will increase sensitivity, and cause the nipple to become engorged and pert. The main types are cup-shaped pumps, bell-shaped pumps, and wide-mouth pumps.

How to Choose the Best Nipple Pumps

Choose what you like because there are various types of nipple pumps.

  • Cup-shaped pump. A cup-shaped pump is made of glass, and it makes you have intense feelings because it forms a better seal against the skin.
  • Bell-shaped pump. The bell-shaped pump is simply a large suction cup that provides gentle suction to a large area of the breast, rather than focused nipple stimulation. Therefore, it feels less intense than cup-shaped suction toys.
  • Wide-mouth pump. The wide-mouth nipple pump is another bell-shaped suction toy, with a bulb on the end to pull air out of the bell.
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