What is a Nipple Toy

Nipple toy is a kind of sex toy, which is applied to the nipples of a person of any gender. Using nipple toys, people can gain nipple stimulation and orgasms. The main types of nipple toys are nipple sucker, nipple cover and nipple clamp.

How to Choose the Best Nipple Toys

Since the nipple toys come in all different design, it’s important to choose the perfect one for you.

  • Nipple sucker. Nipple suckers are also called pumps or vacuums, and they are good choices for beginners. They act like little mouths on the nipples and latch on to them, gently increasing the blood flow with their strong suction.
  • Nipple cover. Although nipple cover belongs to nipple toys, it is like a contact bra. It can be used on the nipples directly if you don’t want to wear the bra, which avoids the awkwardness of a nipple bulging.
  • Nipple clamp. A nipple clamp is a clamp that is applied to the nipples. It is used in some BDSM activities. It causes pain by the pinching of the nipple, by the restriction of blood flow, and by the reintroduction of blood flow.
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