What is a Penis Plug

A penis plug is also called Urethral Plug or Cock Plug. It is a device that is inserted into men’s urethra to heighten and increase arousal and intensify orgasm. This item also has other functions, such as medical games, fetish and bondage scenes, role-playing, and masturbation, etc. These toys come up with a wide range of designs, shapes, brands, and types.

How to Choose the Best Penis Plug

A good penis plug for yourself depends on several factors, such as materials, size, design, etc. When choosing a penis plug for yourself, it is vital to know the following things.

  • Right size. The diameter of the penis plug should fit your urethra perfectly. Beginner users are strongly advised to avoid thin and long penis plug.
  • Good materials. A penis plug is a sex toy that is inserted into your body. So it’s very important to pick a penis plug that is made of high-quality materials.
  • Design. Small and with no fancy penis plug is great for the beginner, as you will be able to insert without hurting yourself.
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