What is a Sex Machine

A sex machine is a mechanical device used to simulate sex for sexual gratification. A sex machine (also sometimes called a fuck machine) is usually bigger than a vibrator or a penis masturbator. They can thrust, vibrate, stroke or generally move. Men and women can use sex machines for vaginal, anal, penile, and clitoral stimulation, as well as general orgasmic. Many high-quality sex machines for women are designed on the market today. Browse and buy the best sex machines on HiHiStop.

Why Everyone Should Own a Sex Machine

Getting to know yourself sexually masturbation allows you to gain intimate knowledge about what turns you on. And it can increase sexual knowledge as well as improve your confidence. Also, as you find out exactly what you like, you’ll be able to communicate it better with your partner.
It’s very convenient and easy to control while having sex with a partner and there is no substitute for it. A sex machine gives you the option to do this any time you want. You can control the points of pressure, speeds, thrusting styles and more depending on the model.
Using a sex machine helps you gain a greater understanding of what brings you the most pleasure. Being able to communicate those needs to your partner will enable a stronger connection. In long-term relationships, the spark can go out as you and your partner get used to each other. Using a sex machine can revive the passion for each other.

How to Make a Sex Machine

DIY sex machine can be a fun DIY experience. It’s one distinct feature that is easy to carry, so it’s also called a portable sex machine. You can DIY a sex machine only with an ideal toy mount, and a vibrator or dildo through these steps:

  • Get a toy mount. Finding a sex toy mount has a quality supportive base where you can attach your genitals.
  • Find a strong vibrator or a small vibrator. This vibrator or dildo can help you achieve penetration.
  • Put it all together. Mount your dildo or vibrator on the base of the mount, you have a portable sex machine for yourself.

How to Use a Sex Machine for Pleasure

  • Applying plenty of lubricants is necessary for using a sex machine. Whether you are a man or a woman, keeping everything slippery is the best way to have a mind-blowing experience with your sex machine. Lubricant not only makes you feel better but also provides a protective barrier for your sensitive parts.
  • Have a variety of attachments. Not only men-using sex machines but also women-using sex machine allows you to swap out various attachments, from strokers to different types of dildos (A dildo sex machine is always popular among females). To optimize your pleasure, it’s best to have a collection of options available, so you can find out what suits you best.
  • Know about the machine. Some machines are designed to stick to a flat surface such as a table. Before you use it, test out the suction or stability to make sure it’s sturdy. In addition, you can get to know the toy by testing out speeds, playing with the remote (if it has one) and seeing how fast it goes.
  • Find a suitable spot to use it. Using a sex machine at a stable spot where it won’t come unplugged or gets knocked over in the middle of playtime. It will be bad if this happens.
  • Get imaginative. Using a sex machine is your chance to play out sexual fantasies that may be difficult otherwise. They can feel very lifelike, which makes your wildest imaginings seem more attainable.
  • Use a mat or blanket. Some sex machines will rumble against it and cause noise when they’re switched on if you have a hardwood floor. Using a rubber mat or blanket can reduce this impact and help you maintain your privacy while you enjoy your toy.
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