What is a Sex Chair

A sex chair is a great place for couples to have sex for that people can try more positions and sex play which beds can’t satisfy. By exploring new functions of sex furniture, you can turn your home into a sexy place where you can enjoy sex with your partner as you want.
The advantage of a sex chair is that it provides many positions for you to use, which makes it easy for both men and women to reach the orgasm. Sex chair is designed to bring more sex pleasure and save strength so that the human body’s posture can be extended as you can which traditional beds can’t satisfy.

9 Types of Sex Chairs You Need to Know

  • Inflatable sex chair: It is convenient for storing and using. The armrest can better control the strength of the waist, effectively coordinating the rhythm of sex and extending the pleasure time. You can adjust your body position and try different positions with less strength.
  • Bondage sex chair: Bondage sex chair has a restraint system to explore your fantasies, prop yourself up to further sex pleasure. It can be used in BDSM to add more fun during sex.
  • Hanging sex chair: Hanging sex chair can also be used in BDSM as it has the function of bondage. However, its main function is helping couples have sex with the elevator position. If your partner is strong in arms, you can try this type of sex chair.
  • Oral sex chair: Sit against the back of the chair so that your man has enough space to give you oral sex. It’s also a perfect position to make eye contact.
  • Yoga sex chair: Great for Yoga, Stretching, Lovemaking, and More. The Chair supplies a comfortable experience when you are in a yoga position. The sex position chair is perfect for the bedroom.
  • Curved sex chair: The frame is constructed from solid wood. It’s then carefully cushioned and upholstered with smooth faux leather. The seat is supposed to withstand daily usage and when appropriately used is intended to provide an unparalleled make love experience.
  • Dildo sex chair: Like its name, this type of sex chair usually is equipped with a dildo. It means that it’s perfect for singles to console themselves or play the role of the three-person when couples enjoy their sex.
  • Vibrating sex chair: Compared to the dildo sex chair, the vibrating sex chair adds the function of vibrating, which can bring more pleasure and make bodies more sensitive in sex.
  • Shower sex chair: Shower sex chair is specially designed for shower sex. Firstly, the material of it helps it get more advantages than other types of sex chair. With the help of it, you and your partner can concentrate on the bodies of each other and get orgasm quicker.

How to Use Sex Chair – The Ultimate Guide

Everyone who wants to buy themselves the best sex chair and is prepared to have a perfect orgasm with it. People who haven’t heard of the sex chair before may be curious about how to use it. As a matter of fact, you can begin to use it after assembling a sex chair with simple procedures. Tools like vibrators or womanizers are suggested to use with a sex chair, which can help you guys get better sex experience. Don’t forget to clean and store it well after sex, so that you can start anytime you want again.

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