What is a Sex Pillow

A sex pillow is a specially designed and typically firm pillow used to enhance sexual intercourse. Meaning, sex pillows are used to hold your body up and are specifically designed to be comfortable under your hips, knees, back, or any other body part you want to support. By different shapes and texture, sex pillows offers you not only the lift force you need, but also the exact position feel. A sex pillow is a wonderful sex toy for both women and men.

Why We Need Sex Pillows

Pillows are perfect sex tools. With the support of sex pillows, you may discover new and exciting sex positions.

  • Sex pillows help achieve your orgasm easily.
    Since many women require clitoral stimulation to climax during sex. A pillow under the hips also makes it easier to access and stimulate the clitoris, which is essential during cunnilingus. With industrial-strength foam and high-quality, water-resistant covers, sex pillows are perfect for your sex position and naked skin.
  • Sex pillows allow deeper penetration without hurting vagina walls.
    In a spur of passion, men usually hit their partners’ vagina with their powerful penis to show their masculine. However, instead of being relaxed and enjoying the pleasure, women may feel fearful and painful. With the sex pillows as support, you can go deeper without hurting her.
  • Sex pillows help with height differences.
    Use a sex pillow to cushion knees, let the shorter partner lie on their stomach or back at the edge of the bed, and the taller partner kneel next to the bed to better align the body parts that count. Sex pillows are perfect for helping with height differences.
  • Sex pillows make oral sex easier.
    Sex pillows provide to you great support and superior angles, which brings maximum stimulation and support during you oral-sex session. Besides, when you are in the oral-sex position, you definitely require a pillow or cushion to keep the knees safe and pain-free.
  • Sex pillows for pregnancy.
    A sex pillow cushion can make pregnancy sex more comfortable.

How to Use Sex Pillows

Sex pillows can decrease the pressure off lower back pain and make sex more comfortable. There are two common styles.

  • Missionary: Your butt on the pillow and your hips in the air. Take things to new heights by placing a pillow under your booty and throwing your legs over his shoulders. This lift and angle shift makes it easier for him to hit your G-spot.
  • Doggy: Your stomach is on the pillow, and your butt is in the air, which can take pressure off of wrists and hands. Your partner will do the deed just like a normal doggy, but this thrust will feel tighter for you and actually makes orgasm easier!

Best Sex Pillows

  • Rounded wedge shape pillow. Composed of high quality PVC & velvet material, this rounded wedge shape sex pillow is quite popular. The thick edge is perfect under your butt when you want deeper penetration during the missionary. The angle of the wedge and the soft material make elevating your legs easier and provide more support.
  • Half-moon shaped pillow. This half-moon shaped pillow is perfect for leg support, but works also well placed under the lower back if you need it. If you are fond of doggy-style sex position, this pillow is for you. It’s waterproof, so you can use water- or silicone- based lube during your in-and-out thrusts.
  • Cylindrical sex position pillow. Not only is this design great for the bend over styles, but also comes with a hole in the middle to hold a vibrator in place for solo action! As a comfortable and practical sex position pillow, it can be also used as a back cushion, a variety of uses.

How To Pick The Right Sex Pillow For Your Needs

There are some things you need to think about when you pick the sex pillow for spicing up your sex life.

If you are cautious about sex pillow and you don’t want other people to misunderstand you. Try small pieces sex pillow. Cylindrical sex position pillow from HiHiStop are small enough to be kept in the room as decoration or disguised as a small chair or reading desk.
Do you have enough free space for big sex furniture piece? If the answer is no, then choose easy to store sex pillows. The bigger piece of sex pillow you get, the harder to hide it. Some inflatable sex pillow is for you. After use, deflate and fold, simply use it when you need it again.
Picking the right size is important if you want to experience the comfort sex. Keep in mind that choosing the size should be based on your partner’s leg inseam length. Get suitable height/length options for different inseam length at HiHiStop.

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