What is a Sex Sofa

Sex sofas are perfectly designed for couples to have sex. They are meant to take your sex play to a new level and help you explore positions you’ve never explored. They also offer some additional height or better thrusting leverage that the mattress can’t deliver. Using sex sofas, you could make every difficult position possible.

How to Choose the Best Sex Sofas

According to the test of the team at HiHiStop, we suggest you consider these aspects when choosing the best sex sofa.

  • Design. The best design comes with well-balanced curves and precisely designed proportions. For example, a large S-shaped design is more user-friendly. The distinctive shapes provide curved slopes that offer prolonged comfort in doggy positions and deeper penetration.
  • Size. The large sex sofas make it easier for couples to switch better positions, and they also make sure you’re comfortable when lying on the sofa.
  • Color. A suitable color will be well-matched with your bedroom and blend in as part of your furniture.
  • Material. Soft material can make you comfy. High-qualify material is easy to maintain and wipe after usage.
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