What is a Sex Swing

A sex swing is a type of harness designed for sexual intercourse. On a sex swing, you can spin, push and pull. All the new movement on a sex swing will bring you novel experience and the needed effort is as the same as on a bed. It is a popular sex toy used in BDSM for the roleplay of dominance and submissive play.

Why We Need Sex Swing

  • Very easy assembly. Made from high-quality materials, a bondage sex swing are easy to assemble. All you need to do is screw it into your ceiling or doorframe and you can have your amazing sex now! Or you can suspend it from a sex swing stand instead. All of which allow it to swing 360° freely and it can hold up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Try super adventures. You can try different types of positions you can’t do only in the bed. You can move whatever you like, swing back and forth, get a great rage of motion. The sex slings helps stretch a lot and get climax easier.
  • Unlimited sex positions. Let the sex swing helps to control your rhythm and get deeper thrust. With the help of sex swings, you can try all kinds of sex positions, oral sex, anal sex, eagle and frog positions sex. Besides, the sex sling can be an exercise device to spice up your bedroom if you like.
  • Portable & easy to store. For most adult sex swings, they are quite portable & easy to store. You just need to fold sex swing up, straps it inside, roll it up and take it away somewhere. The sex sling is perfect for the hotel, for honeymoons, vacations, and romantic getaways.

How to Use A Sex Swing (Sex Swing Positions)

Usually, the common use of sex swing is one partner sits or lays in the sex swing, a harness which supports them by wrapping around their legs, back and buttocks.

  • Tie You and Your Partner Together
    You are hung in the midair and can’t move. Your partner takes complete control of you and changes your position as he wants. He can plug in and out your vagina by pushing and pulling you. You just enjoy the pleasure of having sex with your body hanging in air.
  • Hopeless Sex Pleasure
    This sex swing should be installed in your home. The swing has four adjustable straps with soft cushions that can protect your body from friction hurt. It can hang your whole body in the air by holding your arms and legs. You fasten your wrist and ankle(or legs) with four straps and your body, especially your private body part is exposed to your partner and he can do whatever to you because you can’t move.
  • The Fidget Spinner
    Hang the swing at home and adjust it in a proper height, then hold the swing and sit down slowly to keep your balance. Your partner should lie down and adjust his position to make sure that his penis is right down your vagina, thus his penis can easily plugin. In this situation, you, the one on the top, take control of the movement. You can lift your hip up and down to control the insertion of the depth and the piston motion frequency.
  • The Magic Carpet
    Sit on the cushion and hold the straps, then lie down slowly and still hold the straps tightly to make sure you can stay on the swing. Your partner should stand and straddle on your face, and bend his body to give you service with his mouth or some sex toys. It’s a midair 69 sex position. You hang in the air just like you are lying on the magic carpet of Aladdin.

3 Best Sex Swings You Must Have

  • Adjustable Sex Swings With Holder & Pillow
    This ergonomic design sex swing helps you keep your balance as you swing. You can lean as far back as you like, and let your partner have the control from the handle as the top. When you are in the doggy-style sex position, you need to choose this swing for wonderful experience.(in which case recommend adding a pillow for a bit more comfort!)
  • Door Sex Swing With Adjustable Straps & Cushion
    This is a great entry level swing to test out some new experiences. With this swing, you will turn every door into sex places. The sex swing is very easy to set up without fixtures or drilling. Just hang the sex slings and swings over any door then shut the door. Use this sex swing to help you control your rhythm and get deeper thrust. If you need more challenge and extra dimension, try restraint-like supporting straps & cushion.
  • Suspension Body Swing Position Aid For Couples
    As long as you can reach the goal of having your body swing, either way works. You no longer need to worry about installing a hook in the ceiling or assembling a huge stand. All you need is this self-supported sex swing: no hooks, stands or doors required.The adjustable straps can suit any height and size and hold your partner in place. As a great sex device, this body sex swing supports the weight of your legs and release the stress of your arms.
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