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L996 Sexy Lace Christmas Lingerie



Grasp this sexy European and American Lingerie product to win more focuses!

This kit is specialized in building up female’s taste and temperament. It will bring you a different experience.

❀ The kit is blessed with cross cultural communication between America and Europe.
❀ It’s notion focuses on body outline.
❀ It has the feature of beauty, and sexy,full of Christmas atmosphere.
❀ This uniform is well designed on softness, version, thickness, stretch.
❀ Support private payment and private delivery.

Product Specifications:
❀ Material: polyester and spandex
❀ Chest Circumference: 31.4 to 39.37 in
❀ Waist Circumference: 23.6 to 33.86 in
❀ Hip Circumference: 25.2 to 35.43 in
❀ Weight: less than 143 lbs
❀ Height: 61.02 to 68.9 in

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