The Best Way to Clean Your Sex Toy

We should be responsible for our health. On the basis of a healthy body, we can enjoy safe sex life. For couples, it’s important to have good and safe sex; for guys who haven’t fallen into a relationship with someone, buying sex toys apparently is a good choice to console yourselves.

Correspondingly, how to clean sex toys becomes a problem for most people. As sex toys have a wide variety, we can’t clean them by the same method. No matter you are rich or poor, busy or leisurely, I will introduce different ways fitting you to clean sex toys every time you use them.

First of all, I hope everyone can keep the habit of cleaning toys. Timely cleaning can keep your toys as sanitary as possible. Besides, if you share your sex toys with your lover without careful cleaning, it may spread the infection between couples.

Product Materials

If you want to clean sex toys well, the first thing is to find out their materials. For example, rubber varieties. They are mainly used for pocket pussy and fleshlight to be comfortable touching and directly contacting the skin. Therefore, you need to clean them more carefully to avoid gems getting into your sex toys. You’d better use soap to clean them with warm water, otherwise, the toy may get damaged.

Cause rubber materials are porous and easy getting dirty, cleaning them every time is necessary. Besides, as nobody wants to get the risk of infected, clean sex toys the first time you get them to make sure they are suit for using.

For toys which are made of plastic, washing them with soap and wipe them dry is okay. This type of sex toys usually are used for vibrators, they are tough and difficult to be out of shape.

Waterproof Sex Toys

If your toy is fully made of silicone or glass, you can just boil it in hot water and wipe it clean. You can also add some vinegar in the water to dealing with odor. In fact, hot water can kill most part of bacterial. This method is cheap and safe to prepare at home. However, if they contain other plastic components, you’d better take other ways to prevent it from melting of some parts.

The only thing you have to take care is not to use them until they are cool off or you will get burned cause glass is easy being heated.

Non-Waterproof Sex Toys

However, some sex toys are not water-resistant, so read the toy instruction before you put them in the water. I believe that you won’t be happy to get your toy break down just after getting it.

Sex toys which need batteries or charging are usually not water-resistant, clean them with alcohol cotton flakes and nursing solution can better protect your toys and lengthen service life.

In addition, if you don’t have enough time for nursing sex toys, toy cleaner can be quick and simple. They are anti-bacterial and easy to be washed. Here are many toy cleaners for customers to select, choose one you like and give your sex toy complete cleaning.

Remember not to clean up with brushes, they may deeply damage sex toys and hurt your delicate skin.

One-Time Protecting & Storage

Except for what I introduce before, here is a simple way to keep your toys from frequently cleaning: Put a condom every time you take out the sex toy. After sex, you can discard the condom directly, wipe the toy dry and put it in the original place. The one thing you need to take care is that some condoms like oil-based lubes will damage sex toys, so look out when you purchase condoms. And this method is suited for vibrator rather than pocket pussies and egg vibrators.

Last but not least, storage is also important after cleaning your sex toys. Do not put them in your drawer or storage box directly, dust and lint may attach them again and sex becomes unsafe the next time you take out them. Store them in a fabric bag or separate box to keep bacteria away. If possible, use a package of toys when you purchase, they are more suitable for storing. Sex toys are just like your partner, take care of them and live a happy life with them together.

So these are my suggestions for cleaning sex toys if you feel they are helpful to yourself or family, share it to your friends who haven’t owned the toy to help them get the importance of sex toy cleaning. Besides, more kinds of sex toys can get at HiHiStop, you can browse and select the one you like.