Things You Should Know About Rim Job and Rim Job Techniques

To give a rim job is to give oral sex on someone’s butt hole. The anus is very sensitive because there are many nerves under that soft tender skin. It had been thriving in the LGBT people for a while, and soon become very popular in straight people. A satisfying rim job can improve the intimacy between a couple. If you are going to give a rim job for the first time, this guide is good for you.

 Isn’t it Messy?

No, it isn’t as messy as you think. The anus can be very clean if you have had a shower. Just give some more attention to the butt hole during the shower. Some soap and water are enough to make the anus clean. Some careful people like to do colonics or anal irrigation systems, but it is not necessary. If you are not sure the butt hole is clean enough, you can invite your partner to wash it with you. In this way, both the reception and the giver can know whether the part they are going to deal with is clean enough. And this can be a kind of foreplay too. After all, nothing can be more intimate than washing your partner’s butt.

Does it Taste Bad?

No, it doesn’t taste bad. The skin there is just normal skin like other parts of the skin on our body. It isn’t born smelly. So as long as it is cleaned, it doesn’t taste bad, or it can be said that it has no taste at all. So be brave to try rim job when your partner’s anus is cleaned.

You Don’t Need to Shave the Pubic Hair by Yourself

Having a little pubic hair there does not affect the rimming experience, which is similar to oral sex. But if your pubic hair there is too dense and may affect the experience, it is better to shave it. Or just ask your partner’s opinion about the hair there. Communication is vital to all sexual events and foreplay. If it is too hard for you to shave the hair by yourself, You can ask your partner to do that. Don’t be shy, take it as foreplay. This can also improve the intimacy between you two too.

Always Ask Your Partner Before Any New Act

Communication is vital for sex, especially when you are trying a new kind of sexual activity. Any action without consent may make your partner feel offended. Ask your partner before you dive in or any new action.

No Anus to Vagina

The anus has many bacteria there. The bacteria there is okay to the anus and mouth. Your mouth deals with various bacteria every day. Your digest system can kill most of the bacteria. But the vagina itself is not immune to many bacterial. So don’t go from anus to vagina, or your partner will get ill.

Spread the Cheeks

Spreading the cheeks is a naughty action and it makes what you do looks wild and crazy. But sex is all about wildness, isn’t it? And this also stretches the anus and gives you a surface to work on. Lastly, for your survival, you need to spread the butt widely enough for your nose.

Rim Job Techniques

Attitude is everything in sex. Licking the anus is just to make it a little wet. But worshipping butt…it’s incredible.

So how to get from licking to worship? It in all in your head, not their ass. The key is to attach all your love and attention when you are doing. Roll your tongue in their anus with love and attention. Caress their butt cheek firmly or gently. Blow breathe to their butt hole. Let your partner feel your love and worship.

One thing you need to know is rushing does not make it better. Do it gently and slowly with love. If you feel right, you can speed up a little bit so your partner can feel your love. But don’t push too hard, that will ruin what you have built up in previous actions

Some licking techniques may help. When you are practicing the following techniques, constantly ask how your partner feels .

Ice cream licking: Run your tongue flat over your partner’s anus as if you are licking your favorite ice cream. You can roll your tongue as if to scoop off the ice cream. You can also get faster and wetter, and it is more like a doggy.

Round Lick: Run your tongue around the anus. The speed can make a difference. Some people like quick lick, while others like a slow lick. Different directions create different sensations too. Some are only sensitive to clockwise, but some report only counterclockwise direction can please them. So ask your partner which way he/she likes.