What Does Thong Mean

Thongs are panties for men and women to wear when they have sex. They are particularly designed for couples to arouse erotic feelings which can easily turn them on. There are a wide variety of thongs in terms of sizes, colors, and style, while the similarity is that they are extremely sexy.

How to Choose the Best Thong

The team of HiHiStop suggests you choose the best thong in accordance with these criteria.

  • Material. Lace is the common material used for making thongs. Not only does it make you feel comfortable, but it also causes erogenous feelings.
  • Thickness. The thinner a thong is, the more tantalizing it is. A thinner thong can show your secret area of the body with no intention, which makes your body more alluring. Instead, the thick one will reduce your desire.
  • Color. The seductive black is always the perfect choice for sex play, so the sexy black thong could be the outfit when you surprise your partner. Besides, some bright colors can draw your partner’s attention, let them keep their eyes on your body.
  • Style. There are many different styles such as butterfly-style or crotchless styles, which can show your erogenous area.
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