6 Tips for An Awesome Quickie

Sometimes, you only have a limited time to release yourself. At this time, making quickie sex is your best choice.

But a tight schedule doesn’t mean speedy sex has to be anything less than satisfying. In fact, the urgency of quickie sex can make for better romps.

Quickie sex doesn’t just have to be about time. It can be about the diversity in your sexual relationship. Janet Brito, a certified sex therapist, said the key to quickie sex is prioritizing pleasure.

Even with a time constraint, all this matter is that you get what you want out of the experience and that you’re able to enjoy yourself with your lover.

Believe it or not, quickie sex can be great, and your girlfriend loves it too. It’s a great way to release tension and let her know you desire her so much that you want to ravish her right now.

It can also be a good part of your sex life because it helps you and your lover keep some eroticism.

No matter what your reasons are and no matter how to have quickie sex, here are some important tips for you to get successful and enjoyable quickie sex.

Choose a Suitable Location

Even quickie sex deserves a good setting. Most women enjoy a safe, comfortable, clean environment when it comes to sex.

The thrill of a quickie comes from the new and changeable locations each time. Maybe you often involve sex in usual places, such as your bed, the bathroom, the kitchen or a car.

Try to find the ideal locations for your exciting quickie sex, think the office, your backyard, a park, a bathroom stall, a stairwell or any other place that is relatively safe and comfortable.

Trying new locations may help you orgasm quickly depending on the situation around you.

Leave Time to Flirt

A quickie doesn’t need to be a one-and-done thing. The foreplay is also a major part of the quickie sex, as it makes the next part so much better.

Send your lover suggestive messages, sexy pictures, and flirty texts during the day to hint her that you can’t wait to do to her. This will help set the mood and act as an invitation at the same time.

Though your real deed will be time-limited, take all the time you need to get yourself and your lover aroused with some teasing and flirtation beforehand.

Pay Attention to Dressing

No one wants to spend time getting undressed. So you will tell your girlfriend that she looks pretty and sexy in a dress or skirt so that you can quickly lift up. You will save yourself a minute or two by wearing a shirt and pants so that you can quickly push down when having quickie sex.

The sense of urgency makes a quickie so arousing when you’re speedily taking off your clothes. So try to dress for easy access when you want to have quickie sex with your lover.

Use Lube

Regardless of whether your quickie sex is planned or not, one thing you should be sure everything’s about to go down fast, which means you might require a little more time to get wet on your own, especially if you don’t have time to masturbate.

This is one of the reasons why lube exists. Lube is an important part of the sex process, especially in quickie sex.

Use lube before the quickie starts so you can get super wet and super fast. Using lube can take away the pressure to get aroused quickly, reduces pain and friction, and adds overall comfort in quickie sex.

Don’t Focus on Orgasm

Don’t expect to get orgasm easily when you have quickie sex. If you focus on the result, you’ll miss out on the pleasure that comes before the orgasm.

Remember you only have a few minutes, so prioritize connecting with your partner, concentrating on the pleasure, rather than focus on orgasm. Touching, kissing and rubbing all can let the moment take you where it wants to go when having quickie sex.

Try the Best Quickie Positions

There are a bunch of positions that are especially great for quickie sex. If you’re not sure which position is best for your quickie sex, you can try different positions each time and then find a suitable one with your lover.

  • Quickstand. This move is a great one for the shower. To make it happen, start off standing then bend over at the waist and have your partner enter you from behind.
  • Face Race. If your partner wants a passionate quickie and standing sex, this is probably your best choice. Face to face, against a wall, your lover’s legs wrapped around your waist, enjoy your intimacy.
  • Fast Doggy. Classic doggy style is practically designed for quickie sex. Enter your lover from behind with your penis and you are down on all, reach down to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or a vibrator.

Quickie sex is one of the exciting forms of sex. These tips will make your quickie sex better and more successful.