6 Tips To Have the Best Car Sex

In movies or TV plays, car sex looks really hot and exciting. You must have imagined that you are the protagonist who can have such wonderful car sex. Don’t act that you’ve never had car sex or never wanted to have car sex. Whether it’s in the back seat, the front seat, on the hood or up against the side, car sex looks pretty damn easy in the movies. In real life, however, the logistics of it are far less glamorous. Actually car sex can inject a welcome spark into a relationship, and people should have a try. Therefore here’s a guide to car sex, it definitely will exceed your expectations after trying it.

6 Tips To Have the Best Car Sex

  • Communicate With Your Partner

    As with any sexual experience, communication with your partner before hand is key. You definitely want to run by your idea to hop on them in the car before having sex and discuss what you want that experience to look like. If you don’t, you may feel a bit rejected when they ask you to buckle back up. A bit disappointed, isn’t it? You are obviously expecting wonderful car sex without any interruption. Just communicate with your partner, lube and condom will be added by your partner as well.

  • Keep Your Car Clean

    No matter where you are having sex, a clean place is always the most important thing. You don’t want to get your clothes dirty, even worse, or get an infection. A messy car can yield all sorts of surprise objects. Many of which you’d probably prefer not to encounter while naked. Well, the terrible situation can be avoided if you consider this in advance. If you’re anticipating the car sex, do yourself or with your partner a favor and make sure your car is clean and tidy.

  • Safe Location

    Part of the appeal of car sex is the thrill of potentially being caught in the act. But if that person happens to be a member of law enforcement, you could be in some trouble. Park your car in a location that’s reasonably secluded if you don’t want to be rudely interrupted. This should go without saying, but you definitely want to park your car in a relatively safe place. You’d better obey the three rules as below: unlikely to violate public-sex laws; out of plain sight from passersby; not totally remote in case of an emergency.

  • Wear Easily Removable Clothing

    Think about a skirt or sexy dress instead of jeans and a tank. You want an outfit that you can easily lift, so you can remove undergarments quickly. You don’t have to be naked in case there’s someone passing by. A flowy skirt or dress works as a sort of tent to hide your business if you’re worried about privacy where you’re parked. If you’re going for the thrill of it, be prepared for it. You cannot guarantee there is no risk at all.

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  • Customize Your Space

    Fortunately, car interiors can be adapted to all manners of ways, so make sure you use all the bells and whistle to your advantage. Put the seat back, raise the steering wheel. If you have a sunroof, don’t forget to use it! Not only does this allow ample airflow, but an open roof also creates a bit more vertical space for seated sex positions. Just do everyone a favor and keep your voices to a neighborly level.

  • Try Best Car Sex Position

    After the preparation, your car sex almost perfect, adding the below 5 car sex position can make this mind-blowing experience more perfect. You don’t want it to be boring or normal. You want an extraordinary one. It’s also interesting if you want to add some sex toys. Just try some new car sex position. Let’s keep going.

    1. On Top

      With one partner seated with their knees bent, the other partner should straddle them, lowering themselves onto the seated partner.
      This position is great for not just the driver’s seat, if it’s pushed far enough away from the steering wheel so there isn’t incessant horn-beeping with every move, but works in the back seat and passenger seat as well.

      6 Tips To Have the Best Car Sex

    2. Doggy Style

      For the modified doggy, you can either start in the traditional doggy style position, or just get right to it, by both you and your partner lowering your body until you’re almost flat.
      If you’re not seven-foot-something, it can be done in the back seat, as well as the passenger’s seat with a bit of effort.

    3. Reverse Cowgirl

      With one partner laying down, have the other partner straddle them while facing away.
      Although some reverse cowgirl positions can be done with the partner on top sitting upright, if they stay low, parallel to their partner’s body, then it can be done in the car.

    4. The Seashell

      In the backseat, lie on your back with your legs raised all the way up and your ankles as close to your shoulders/head as possible. He enters you from a missionary position.
      One way to take up less space in the car? Fold your body in half or the closest thing to it.

    5. Spider

      Both of you sit on the backseat with legs toward each other, arms back to support yourselves. Now move together and onto his penis. Your hips will be between his spread legs, your knees bent, and feet outside of his hips and flat on the seat. Rock back and forth.