Vibrator Materials

  • Porous and Non-Porous MaterialAll materials of sex toys can be divided into these two types. Porous materials are the worst choice. The bacteria and dirt are easily trapped in porous materials. It’s impossible to remove. All products contain phthalates are made up of porous materials. Not vice versa. If you are using sex toys or any vibrators that are made up of porous materials, make sure they are stored separately with other toys and keep them completely dry after cleaning to be away from mildew.There’s no doubt that non-porous material is a good choice. Products with non-porous material are more bacteria and dirt free and can be disinfected. It also stands for safer and much cost.
  • TPE VibratorTPE is a quite good choice for a novice because it is softer than silicone and ABS. Good elasticity and skin-feeling make it a material of dildos. Nonetheless, it is not as safe as silicone. TPE, as well as TPR, is a non-toxic but porous material, which means it cannot be cleaned completely. Also, TPE is more suitable for water-based lubricants according to its oily characteristics
  • ABS Plastic VibratorABS Plastic Vibrator is also a non-porous material. Most plastic material contains no phthalates, but you can check for safety. It’s also easily cleaned, and smooth, but it’s rigid and hard. Maybe it doesn’t look so smart, but a good transfer for vibration simulation. Some people think it is a good material for vibrators. ABS plastic materials are now usually combined with other materials.
  • Silicone VibratorThe silicone material is non-porous material. Its soft and easy-clean features make it safer and healthier. It is popular and commonly used. Medical-grade silicone is the best label for you to choose from. No disgusting smell to disturb your enjoyable moment. Also, it can be used for a long time.And More >>

How to Use a Vibrator to Please Your Body

  • Vagina PlayVagina vibrator is a commonly-used vibrator because it can bring female users the G-spot orgasm. A vagina vibrator has a round stick with spiral edges or nubs on the surface, and the end of it can be curved upward. The nub can stimulate your vagina wall completely and the curved-upward ending part can better massage the G spot, bringing you orgasm.You need to choose a rabbit vibrator according to your preference, such as shape, color, and size, which can make you feel good.
    Find a comfortable position for playing. You can lie down on your bed and spread your legs, or you can sit on a soft chair with your legs on the chair arms, for exposing your vagina and plugging the vibrator in easily.
    The most important step is to Fully lubricate your vibrator and your vagina. You can use a condom or not.
    Plug the ending part of the vibrator in your vagina slowly and turn it on, making sure that it is on the lightest vibration mode. Don’t plug the whole body part of the vibrator in because you are unable to bear it at first. After you feel better and get used to the feeling that your vagina is stuffed, you can plug more in and play it in and out. Remember to change the vibration mode to stimulate your vagina.
    Find your G spot and keep stimulating and pressing it with the vibrator. The G spot is not a real spot, but a patch of skin area, located in the front part of the vagina wall. When you use your fingers to touch your vagina wall, you can feel a patch of textured skin that makes you feel comfortable when you touch or press it. Use the ending part of your vibrator to massage and press the G spot, and you will scream because of comfort.
  • Clit PlayThe clit is an extremely sensitive part for women, like men’s glans. A simple magic wand vibrator is enough. Clit play mainly relies on the vibration of the front part of the vibrator, continuous stimulation, and multi-speed modes.Pick a magic wand vibrator you like. Size is not important because you use it only to stimulate your clit, no need to insert it in your body.
    Get started in a comfortable position. You’d better lie down to fully expose your clit. Someone might be unfamiliar with body structure and can’t find where clit exactly is, so you can put a mirror between your legs for a better vision. The clit is above your urethra, near the top of the junction of the labia.
    Lubricate the vibrator and turn it on. Do remember that the vibration mode should be light at first and you can change the speed after a few minutes. Do not directly stimulate the clit at first. You can place your vibrator near the surrounding area of the clit. After you get used to the feeling, you can massage your clit directly. Keep moving it and changing the mode, you will reach climax and female ejaculation.
  • Anal PlayLie down with your leg upward or keen down on the bed with your butt up to expose your anus. Due to the special location of the anus, a mirror is needed to help you find the hole accurately.
    Then lubricate your finger, index finger or middle finger, and massage your asshole gently to relax the muscle near it. Then, plug one finger in your asshole slowly, and then plug in two fingers to enlarge the capacity. After your backdoor is fully opened by your fingers, lubricate the vibrator and your asshole inside as wet as possible.
    Use the vibrator to keep massaging your asshole and slowly insert the front part of the vibrator, making sure it is in the light vibration mode.
    Try to plug in deeper when you feel better, and then play the vibrator in and out. Please hold the vibrator tightly, in case of being sucked in by your anus. For the male, you need to find your G spot–the prostate. It is a small but noticeable mass located in the front part of your asshole wall and you can touch it easily. Once you find it, keep massaging it with fingers or vibrators, and then you will get great pleasure. That’s much more comfortable than penis masturbation.

10 Best Vibrators Women Can Not Miss

  1. Clit Vibrator. The clit vibrator is designed in a simple rod shape, usually made of silicone, safe material. It is a classic type of vibrators: a vibrating stick to help you achieve G-spot orgasm.
  2. Rabbit Vibrator. The rabbit vibrator is a much more considerate and lovely vibrator, compared with other types of vibrators. It is highly valued by female customers. When the longer part is plugged into your vagina, the shorter part, the rabbit part, is properly placed on your clit. The double vibrations bring your body great pleasure.
  3. Wand Vibrator. The wand vibrator looks like a typical personal massage device that is used for aliments and back pain. Unlike a typical vibrator, it has no head but only vibrates at the top part. It’s perfect for clitoral stimulation.
  4. Remote Control Vibrator. A remote-controlled vibrator can be used in public without anyone knowing and let your partner control you. App-enabled vibrators all you to play with long distance. The remote control technology applied in aa vibrator is an amazing way for more excitement in sex.
  5. G-Spot Vibrator. The difference between a G-spot vibrator and a regular one is the shafts G-spot vibrator has sharp twists or curves near the tip for optimal pleasure. The vibrator motor is placed directly in the tip to maximize stimulation. It’s designed to hit and stimulate the G-spot, not for deep penetration. A G-spot vibrator doesn’t even have to be insertable.
  6. Bullet Vibrator. Bullet vibrators are small and look just the same as a bullet. They are small enough to slip into your purse and discreet enough to blend in with the rest of your belongings. They are quiet enough to avoid detection.
  7. Anal Vibrator. An anal vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that is specifically designed for anal stimulation. All anal vibrators have one common feature: they produce a vibrating effect in the rectum for pleasurable sensations. The average size of an anal vibrator is smaller than vibrators intended for vaginal penetration and may vary from 4-6 inches long and about 1 inch wide.
  8. Egg Vibrator. The egg vibrator is even smaller than the bullet vibrators. The rounded egg shape means that you can fully insert the vibrator into your vagina, without it slipping back out. You can use it anywhere you want to.
  9. Finger Vibrator. FInger vibrators come with a vibrating, tongue-shaped extension, which is a great option for anyone who wants all-over stimulation in a small, discreet package. They can enhance nipple play, massages, masturbation and couples’ play.
  10. Tongue Vibrator. Tongue vibrator is a vibrator designed in the shape of the tongue. The lifelike tongue can rotate and vibrate, which gives you stronger stimulation. You can touch your clit with it or just plug it in your vagina to enjoy the pleasure of vibration. It feels like a real tongue is licking your body.
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