What is an Egg Vibrator

The egg vibrator is also known as the love egg. It is a type of sensual vibrator that is egg-shaped and used for sexual stimulation. The egg vibrator is usually 2-or-3-inch in length and 0.75-inch in width. The egg vibrator basically has two types, wired and remote control. Unlike other luxury vibrators, it is less expensive and has less strong vibration. But still, it is very popular in the market as it is small and exquisite.

How to Choose the Best Egg Vibrators

We suggest that you can check whether an egg vibrator suits you perfectly or not from the following aspects.

  • Shape. The size of an egg vibrator is generally small. So they are mainly varied in shapes and texture. Different shapes are designed for different functions and places. Lipstick vibrating egg is easy to carry. And the curved fish shape can stimulate your clitoris while massaging your vagina. If you like strong stimulation, then choose unique styles like butterfly or bead.
  • Control Pack. The remote control is convenient and easy for you to operate your vibrator. And the fine control can be realized via bluetooth of the smartphone. Wired control is also good for making the process of removing the egg vibrator from the vagina become easier.
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