What is G-Spot

There’s a small area called the Grafenberg spot, or G-spot, inside the vagina. It’s located about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall — closest to the belly button. G-spot is a sexy band for women. When stimulated, it can cause high sexual excitement and strong orgasm.

What is a G-Spot Vibrator

Back in the 50’s, a German doctor and scientist named Ernst Grafenberg is thought to have ‘discovered’ the G-Spot while studying the role of the urethra in female orgasm. The g-spot is a bundle of nerve-endings on the top wall of the vagina. This multiplanar structure is sort of an extension of the clitoris, to put it simply. When stimulated during intercourse, the g-spot results in what some women describe as full-body orgasms. Due to its location, this pleasure playground is not easy to stimulate with vaginal penetration alone. A g-spot vibrator is a sex toy designed to stimulate the g-spot with vibrations.The difference between a G-spot vibrator and a regular one is the shafts G-spot vibrator has sharp twists or curves near the tip for optimal pleasure. The vibrator motor is placed directly in the tip to maximize stimulation. It’s designed to hit and stimulate the G-spot, not for deep penetration. A G-spot vibrator doesn’t even have to be insertable.

How to Use a G-Spot Vibrator

  • Power the g-spot vibrator up and familiar with the usage. Make sure that it is full-charged.
    Before use, please use some lubrication oil for yourself and your G-spot vibrator, otherwise you may hurt yourself.
  • Relax yourself in a position you are comfortable and insert one or two fingers into your vagina, directing them up toward the tummy (think the 12 o’clock position if you are lying on your back). Press your fingers firmly against the roof of the vagina about one-third of the way in(choose your comfortable position).
  • Once you have isolated the area, reach for your G-spot toy and insert towards the area you know to be your G-spot area.
  • Move slowly when you just insert it. You can try moving faster when your body adapts. Do remember that you should move up to more intensive vibrations as you near your climax.
  • It is important not to forget other parts of your body which will add to your pleasure and help towards orgasm so use your free hand to stimulate and caress your clitoral area, nipples etc.
    Continue to stimulate the G-spot with your vibe and as you do, you may begin to feel your vagina clench and contract, this is a signal that orgasm is imminent…yay! At this stage, you should keep or even intensify the pressure you apply on the G-spot area until you reach your crescendo.
  • Except for sole play, this toy can also be used together with your partner as foreplay of your sex.

Orgasm can not only bring physical pleasure but also enhance relationships between lovers. But according to the investigation, at least 10% of women in the world have never experienced orgasm, and 80% of women used to pretend to be orgasm to delight their partners. So women should face up to their sexual well-being and stop pretending orgasm, and enjoy your right as a woman. All you need is a G-spot vibrator tested and chosen by HiHiStop.

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